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Mindbody Customer Story

Park Meadows Center for Movement

A class at Park Meadows

If you've ever seen a need in your community and known you need to take action, Lindy Royer knows exactly how you feel.

For Lindy, that jump lead her to open Park Meadows Center for Movement in Lone Tree, Colorado. Park Meadows combines physical therapy and Pilates to treat the whole person when they’re injured and keep them healthy after they recover.

The idea for the business came to Lindy when she was working as a clinical physical therapist. She kept finding herself wanting to continue working with patients after their insurance coverage was complete, but her hands were tied. Eventually, she got so fed up with the system, she started Park Meadows in 2004.

Some of Lindy’s members have been with her since she first started in 2004. “The studio has been up for fourteen years and some of these people were with me even before that,” Lindy said. “We’ve been through births, deaths, marriages, you name it. And it’s on both sides—they care about my team as much as my team cares about them.”

The Problem: A new business owner prioritizing customer experience

Because Lindy was creating something new, and a new business owner to boot, she knew she needed help managing her business. “It wasn’t until the last couple of years that I actually feel like I have the confidence to do it inside,” Lindy said. “What came before the confidence was the fact that I saw a need, a niche where people were looking to something and they weren’t finding it.

The Solution: Trusting Mindbody to help with business management

Even back in 2004, Lindy knew she could trust Mindbody as her physical therapy software and Pilates software provider.

“I started talking to Mindbody in 2004 before we even opened, and I was talking to another company—I can’t remember the name of the company, I don’t think they are around anymore,” Lindy said. “When I first started talking to Mindbody, the software was a desktop system on a CD, and they told me they were going to an online version—it was a complete no-brainer. So I signed up in early 2005.”

The reason why it was a no-brainer for Lindy? Because she wanted to care for her clientele—and not just their physical health. “I wanted a way for other people to manage their schedule from home.”

The Results: A 14-year relationship built on trust

Now, 14 years later, Lindy still trusts Mindbody to manage her business. “As the landscape keeps changing, I really appreciate that Mindbody keeps looking ahead and saying, ‘OK, what’s next that we can do? How can we keep growing with our customers and what do our customers need?’”

And that’s something that Lindy not only appreciates—she emulates it. She just changed the business’s name to Park Meadows Center for Movement to better reflect what she offers, which has changed as her customers’ needs have evolved over the years—just like Mindbody.

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