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Meet Mindbody: Get to Know MBLatinx This Hispanic Heritage Month

This year during Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest Employee Resource Group (ERG), Mindbody Latinx. Created with the mission to build and empower a community of Mindbody professionals who identify as Latinx and allies, this is our tenth ERG and an exciting step in our movement to make diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging (DEIB) a core tenet of our workplace culture.  

I spoke with Mindbody financial analyst Jessica Mora, co-chair of MBLatinx, to learn more about the formation of the ERG, her vision for its impact on the world of wellness, and what she hopes for the Mindbody Latinx community this Hispanic Heritage Month and beyond.  

Maria Prokopowicz: How long have you been with Mindbody and what brought you here originally? 

Jessica Mora: I’ve been at Mindbody since February 2022, so just a little over six months! I gravitated towards Mindbody because of its focus on wellness. Since the pandemic, wellness and fitness have become top priorities for me, and I wanted to find a company that aligned with that. I was also really impressed with the company culture at Mindbody, its remote-first environment, and increasing focus on DEIB initiatives.

MP: How have you been involved in ERGs at Mindbody? 

JM: So far, I've attended a few ERG virtual events, especially during different monthly celebrations like Black History Month, Pride Month, and AAPI Month. Currently, I’m spearheading the creation of MBLatinx, Mindbody's ERG for anyone who identifies as Latinx or is an ally to the community.

MP: Can you tell me about the MBLatinx ERG? 

JM: While onboarding, I had an overview of the different ERGs available at the company. I immediately noticed that there wasn't an official Latinx ERG. After bringing this up to DEIB leaders (once I was more settled into my role and the company), I decided to start MBLatinx. With the help of people on the FP&A team, the people & culture team, ERG leaders, and Latinx employees and allies at the company, I have been able to get the ERG up and running in just a few months! It is launching officially at Mindbody's BOLD conference on September 12th.

MP: Can you discuss the importance of having an ERG dedicated to Latinx employees? 

JM: An ERG is meant to help foster belonging and community among members. That’s exactly the mission of MBLatinx. We want to bring together people with shared tradition, culture, values, and support and provide a space where Mindbody employees feel seen. 

MP: What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you? Why do you feel it is significant that the ERG launches this month? 

JM: To me, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Latinx cultures, traditions, and history. It's a month that coincides with the Independence Day celebrations of many Latin American countries. As such, it’s a time to reflect on the history of these countries and the impact of said histories on their lives today. Not only that, but Hispanic Heritage Month also gives us an opportunity to reflect on the current Latinx experience. How far have we come? What work has yet to be done? How can we continue to grow as a community to be inclusive of the diversity in experiences even within the Latinx umbrella? 

MP: What are your hopes for the MBLatinx and its impact on the Mindbody community (both within the company and in the general wellness word)? 

JM: With a Latinx ERG we can share our stories in community with the broader Mindbody team and provide greater visibility to issues affecting Latinx communities both in the US and worldwide. My hope for the ERG is that it can provide greater insights into Latinx-specific issues and experiences, particularly with the intersection of wellness. Similar to other communities of color, people of Latinx backgrounds are at greater risk for certain health outcomes and issues. As such, I think it's important to address these, especially as a wellness company. How can we have conversations about the intersection of identity, fitness, and wellness? How can we use the resources at our disposal to empower our communities? These are all areas I hope MBLatinx can further explore and bring into the work we do. 

MP: What are some things you want Mindbodyians and those outside of Mindbody to know about MBLatinx? 

JM: MBLatinx is an inclusive space for all those that wish to be a part of it. Regardless of if someone lives in the US, in Latin America, speaks Spanish, English, Portuguese, or an indigenous language, identifies as Latinx or an ally—everyone is welcome. It is precisely these diverse experiences and thoughts that will enhance the experience of the ERG, help us maximize impact, and grow our community at Mindbody. 

MP: Is there anything else you’d like to share about the new ERG, your experience at Mindbody, or Hispanic Heritage Month? 

JM: While it is absolutely incredible to have a space for Latinx employees at Mindbody and to be able to celebrate Latinx cultures and traditions during Hispanic Heritage Month, I think it's equally important to note that being an ally and advocate for the Latinx community is a year-long endeavor. Just as we celebrate together, let us also continue to stand up for members of our communities that have historically been ignored. 

To learn more about how diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging come to life at Mindbody, please visit the DEIB Resource Center.

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