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How to Use Mindbody to Maximize Efficiency and Grow Your Business

By Lauren McAlister

November 17, 2023

Increasing efficiency is foundational for growth. But how do you make it happen? First, get crystal clear on your numbers and business goals. Next, look at inefficiencies in your day to day—what manual tasks can you automate and free up your staff? Lastly, develop a strategic plan to invest in your business.

Here's how some of Mindbody’s newest features can help with just that.

Insights: A new way to make data-driven decisions

While there are a lot of ways to improve and grow, it’s almost impossible to strategize without reliable data. With Mindbody Insights, you have access to real-time dashboards (goodbye, clunky spreadsheets!) tracking your most important KPIs and benchmarks. That way you can:

  • Stay connected to your business, location, and staff performance 24/7
  • Engage staff as key players and boost revenue where you need it most with goals, targets, and contests
  • Motivate your team to stay with your business by recognizing their performance

Card Updater: Improve efficiency and protect revenue

Recurring revenue is at the heart of every successful wellness business. That’s why protecting autopay transactions is so critical. Card Updater is an automated service that updates your customers' credit and debit cards without the need for manual intervention by customers or staff. For just $1 per lost, stolen, or expired card, your client’s payment method will be continuously monitored and updated. Fewer declined transactions and more time for your staff and customers? That's a win-win.

Mindbody Capital: Invest in your future

You may be thinking about hiring more staff, adding new equipment, or opening new locations. If so, you need capital to take the next step. Mindbody Capital is a unique financing solution designed to help you grow. If you're eligible and pre-approved, your Mindbody Capital offer is available within your Mindbody dashboard. Cash advance repayments are based on daily sales, with no special terms or interest rates. There's just a simple, flat fee to access the capital. The best part? You have total freedom to use the money how you see fit in your business.

At Mindbody, our goal is to help you streamline your operations as much as possible so you can spend less time in the software, and more time focused on creating the best experiences for your customers.

Ready to see these products in action?

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About the author:

Lauren McAlister

Lauren McAlister

Senior Marketing Content Specialist


Lauren is the co-owner of a fitness studio and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP). Born and raised in California, Lauren has a heart for fitness, travel, and baking. She's also passionate about crafting meaningful content for others in the wellness space, which makes her role at Mindbody a perfect fit.


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