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6 Reasons to Choose Mindbody for Your Salon or Spa Enterprise Brand 

Chances are, you didn’t start your salon or spa brand because you wanted to spend hours juggling phone calls, marketing campaigns, and metrics reports each day.

You started your business to connect with people—and to make them feel beautiful and confident. But more often than not, you find yourself obsessing over the never-ending to-do list that keeps revenue rolling in for you and your business. Good news: it doesn’t have to be that way.

In a market inundated with business management software, top beauty and wellness franchises choose Mindbody to simplify operations and free up time to focus on growing their business and opening new locations. If that one reason just isn’t enough, here are six more.

1. Exposure to consumers looking for your brand in your area—and worldwide 

When you use Mindbody, you also gain access to a network of more than a million Mindbody app users worldwide. That network includes people looking for a business like yours in their city.

Consumers who use the Mindbody app are committed to wellness. Having all your locations listed makes your brand easily searchable and bookable. Plus, when wellness-seekers find your service, they can tap to pay right in the app. So, when they arrive for their appointment, all that’s left is wowing them with an extraordinary experience.

Why it matters: Mindbody app users spend an average of $267 each month on beauty, wellness, and fitness services. The app puts your brand where they are already searching for services—in the palm of their hands.

2. Straightforward data that showcases meaningful metrics

As your business grows, so does the amount of data—and that can become overwhelming for any enterprise that doesn’t have a full-time data analyst on staff. You really can have too much of a good thing.

Busy salon and spa corporations, as well as individual locations, must see pertinent metrics fast. That’s why Mindbody Insights provides simple, straightforward metrics that can easily be sorted at a brand level, by an individual location or staff member. Plus, multi-location businesses can create and share customized dashboards with the info they need, visualized at a glance.

Why it matters: Excessive, unorganized data is a time-suck. LaVida Massage experienced this first-hand when it moved several franchises to Zenoti, thinking it would improve reporting. Instead, CEO Mark Davis reports being on calls to India until 11 p.m. on the regular. (LaVida Massage is back with Mindbody and thriving with user-friendly metrics and 24/7 customer support.)

3. Eliminate booking errors and back and forth with Messenger[ai] 

Nothing interrupts the flow of a busy salon or the calming nature of a spa more than a backlog of calls on hold. Add to that, the clients that want to text to book their next appointments. Playing phone tag is quickly becoming a thing of the past as larger brands use technology across their enterprise to ensure timely and efficient communications with customers.

Enter Messenger[ai], Mindbody’s AI front desk assistant that automatically answers questions, makes sales, and books appointments flawlessly. With Messenger[ai], your locations and their staff are free to focus on taking care of clients. Think of it like your round-the-clock customer service partner that combines the best elements of conversational text messaging and real-time chat platforms, all in one place. It even responds to missed calls.

Why it matters: A whopping 85% of missed calls will never call back. That’s 85 missed connections for every 100 calls made to your business. Messenger[ai] allows you to meet your clients where they are and keep in touch—with a personal touch.

4. Open more doors for more client satisfaction and retention  

The way high-volume salons and spas operate looks different today than it did a year ago. Clients now expect the convenience of low-touch, high-value experiences. In other words, they want safe and seamless interactions.

Salon and spa enterprises that use Mindbody can seamlessly provide the low-touch journey clients want. Much like using your phone to pay for an Uber or tapping your Apple Watch at checkout, Mindbody’s contactless check-out experience lets clients book and pay on their terms: online, by text, phone, or through the app. They can even store their credit card info and tip preferences to complete their next booking in seconds.

Why it matters: COVID-19 has changed consumer expectations for beauty and wellness businesses, with 71% of consumers emphasizing a desire for contactless payments and 57% wanting to pre-pay for services and tips.

5. Acquire new clients on autopilot with smart, automated marketing 

Forget everything you know about expensive, time-intensive marketing campaigns that require outsourcing and round-the-clock oversight. There’s a better way to attract and convert new clients.

With Mindbody’s comprehensive Marketing Suite, you and your franchisees have all the tools you need at your fingertips. Start with the metrics and design a marketing strategy that works for your business—and your prospects. Reach them through search, social media, intro offers, and more. Then keep them coming back with automated email campaigns and custom messaging. All you have to do is set it up once and let the automation bring in the revenue.

Why it matters: Your business, your call. With Mindbody’s Marketing Suite, you maintain complete control over your automated marketing efforts. Monitor the metrics and pivot anytime to see the best ROI. You’ll never need to reach out for support to make simple updates to your marketing plan. (Of course, we’re here for you anytime, too.)

6. Get the enterprise-level support you need, when you need it

As an enterprise customer, Mindbody pairs you with a dedicated support team for your corporate account. Plus, get ongoing support for each of your locations and staff in your time zone—and theirs.

Why it matters: You’ll never be up at 11 p.m. trying to get in touch with a call center on the other side of the world. Mindbody provides customer support 24/7, with support offices across the United States in California, Arizona, Georgia, plus the United Kingdom.


Get in touch to see what Mindbody can do for your salon or spa brand.  (Don’t worry—we make transferring all your data easy, too.)  

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