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Pure Sweat Studios: A Journey of Health, Healing, and Connection

Pure Sweat Studio and Mindbody

In today's fast-paced world, finding a sanctuary where you can unwind, heal, and connect within yourself is a rare gem. Pure Sweat Studios, a national franchise company, offers just that. Founded by Candice Bruder in 2017, Pure Sweat Studios is a place where members can experience the transformative power of three modalities: infrared sauna, floating, and cold plunge. The origin and mission of Pure Sweat Studios, the unique modalities it offers its vibrant community, and its commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience set this incredible brand apart from the competition. 

Revitalizing modalities for holistic wellness

Floating involves immersing oneself in warm water filled with a thousand pounds of Epsom salt, allowing for effortless suspension. This weightlessness provides physical benefits, relieving pressure from joints and facilitating relaxation. Epsom salt, rich in magnesium, offers numerous advantages, including mental and physical calmness, pain relief, and reduced inflammation. The second modality, infrared sauna, provides a detoxifying sweat and boosts immune health while harnessing the power of infrared heat. Lastly, cold plunging complements the other modalities by incorporating hot and cold therapy to promote overall well-being. 

Cultivating a culture of care: inside Pure Sweat Studios' passionate approach to client wellness 

At Pure Sweat Studios, a strong culture of collaboration and passion permeates every aspect of the brand. Candice explained, “One thing that is consistent about Pure Sweat is that we are all ‘masters of client care.’ We love our community. We love our clients. When they feel good, we feel good and we're supporting their wellness journey.” This level of services is evident in their operations, guest services, education initiatives, and presentations. By fostering a culture of connection and understanding, Pure Sweat Studios creates a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. 

Pure Sweat Studios prides itself on several factors that set it apart from others in the industry. These include providing extensive education about their services, offering state-of-the-art equipment, creating an inviting and aesthetically pleasing studio ambiance, and maintaining a generous spirit toward clients. By celebrating and supporting their clients' wellness journeys, Pure Sweat Studios creates authentic connections and meaningful experiences. 

HowPure Sweat Studios grew their business with Mindbody and ClassPass 

Pure Sweat Studios has formed valuable partnerships with industry leaders like Mindbody and ClassPass. Bruder chose Mindbody due to its leadership position in the health, wellness, and fitness space.  

Mindbody’s Marketing Suite helps the Pure Sweat team to communicate with new and existing customers. It enables them to launch drip campaigns and create automations that save the staff time daily. “Mindbody Marketing Suite is like having an extra member on your team,” explained Bruder.  

Bruder leverages the intelligent technology of Marketing Suite to discern individual client purchasing and booking behaviors. This enables Pure Sweat to send tailored brand information to each customer. The seamless automation of prompts is especially effective, eliminating the need for Bruder to intervene manually. 

Pure Sweat Studios relies heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and community outreach to attract new members. Bruder’s team utilize Mindbody’s Feedback and Reviews tool to prompt their community to share sentiments about Pure Sweat Studios and drive referral business to Pure Sweat Studios. “Mindbody’s Feedback and Reviews function is also a terrific tool to assure our client services remain top notch. We are a 5/5 across studios, and we aim to keep it that way.” 

Bruder firmly believes in the power of exceptional client service, which has driven their continued growth without the need for paid advertising. By prioritizing client satisfaction and providing a remarkable experience, Pure Sweat Studios has been able to expand its community year after year. 

Bruder especially appreciates the convenience of accessing all her business metrics and data in the Mindbody business app. “I can see everyone’s studios on my phone, see the performance of my business, as well as support operations whether I am home or Ibiza…wherever I am in the world. I look at the business snapshot in sales on my cell phone maybe 100 times a day.” 

Unlocking growth: the power of ClassPass for wellness brands according to Pure Sweat Studios

As the first wellness business in Tennessee to join ClassPass, Pure Sweat Studios has been a pioneer of the class booking app in their community. Bruder strongly recommends that all wellness brands promote their services on this revenue-generating platform, “ClassPass has essentially been free marketing for Pure Sweat Studios.”   

ClassPass offers Pure Sweat Studio customers a flexible subscription service that grants consumers access to a wide range of fitness studios and classes. This innovative platform not only benefits users seeking variety in their wellness experience, but also provides a lucrative opportunity for wellness businesses like Pure Sweat Studios to expand their reach and boost revenue. By tapping into ClassPass, several Pure Sweat Studio locations have brought in approximately $5,000 a month in additional revenue.  

Going forward with unwavering commitment to clients and partnership with Mindbody

Pure Sweat Studios stands as a sanctuary of holistic wellness amidst today's frantic pace. The studio's unique modalities set the stage for transformative experiences, fostering relaxation, detoxification, and well-being. Collaborations with Mindbody and ClassPass continue to fuel the studio's growth, harnessing personalized marketing and streamlined operations. Through an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and strategic partnerships, Pure Sweat Studios is poised to further flourish and thrive. 

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