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4 Tips to Help You Get More from Your Studio's Website This Holiday Season

Every holiday season, would-be fitness fanatics gift themselves club memberships, gym equipment and much more. And it’s in your best interest as a fitness studio owner to take advantage of this lucrative season by being prepared for the influx of customers coming to your studio or its website.

According to a recent study by Earnest, spending on gyms and clubs generally jumps by 10% in January. That's a pretty significant chunk of change, especially when you consider there were 60.87 million gym members in the U.S. alone in 2017, Statista reports.

How can you prepare for the coming rush? Planning is the key. Start with these four simple strategies:

1. Run a holiday sale.

Okay, so sales are everywhere during the holiday rush. Try getting creative and make a “team sale" where teams of three or more people get a healthy discount after signing up at your site. And try testing a few types of sales out. Remember, the beauty of having a website is your ability to offer lots of options that cater to different types of customers.

For example, if you own a yoga studio, you could run new sales each week for the different styles of yoga offered at your studio. For week 1, you could offer a sale on all of your Vinyasa classes, followed by Yin, followed by Restorative and so on. And of course, you can package everything in a final push right before the holidays and then re-send at a discount after the New Year.

2. Create simple, shareable coupons.

Your best source of holiday business is likely your existing customer base. Try offering digital coupons to your customers to share with friends and family - just be sure to give both your customers an incentive to share, and your prospects a reason to join.

3. Start offering gift cards.

You don't need plastic to start offering gift cards to your clientele. Make gifts of any amount available through your site with nothing more than an email address. E-gift cards are not only more convenient, they can also be a gateway to greater engagement. Approximately 55% of consumers report interest in giving or receiving digital gift cards that can be added to a mobile app or digital wallet, especially millennials. Nearly 55% are interested in giving, and 67% are interested in receiving a digital gift card.

4. Develop a holiday email campaign.

Cashing in on email is easier than you might think. One simple strategy: Take everyone who bought an e-gift card during the year and create an exclusive offer you'll send over a series of messages. With a powerful email marketing tool such as Weebly Promote you can design and execute a campaign that matches the look and feel of your website. The entire experience is seamless.

About the author:

Alena Courtney

Guest Blogger


Alena Courtney is a Growth Marketing Manager at Weebly, a platform for websites, e-commerce, and marketing used by businesses around the world.

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