Why is Google+ important for your business?

Google on a smartphone

When it comes to choosing which social platforms to use for your business, be sure to keep Google+ on your list of must-haves.

What’s so special about Google+?

Your Google+ page serves as more than just another social platform. When you create your page, Google uses it to create a snapshot of your business that works like a digital sell sheet. This sell sheet, of sorts, appears on the right hand side of search results.

When you create a Google+ page, Google pulls your information into its search results and uses it to promote your business. Everything from your business description and physical address to your photo galleries and written reviews become prominently displayed on the right hand side of viewers’ search results.

Serp listing on google

Couple this powerful marketing tool with Google’s newest feature, the Google My Business dashboard, and you become instantly connected to your viewers.

Your Google My Business dashboard allows you to easily monitor your Google+ page’s activity and learn more about your audience. This tool also lets you easily track what your visitors are saying about you, discover where they’re coming from, and identify the products and services that most resonate with them.

What are the key benefits?

Your Google+ page and your Google My Business dashboard provide free, powerful marketing tools that can help you do several things:

Showcase your business

When people search for your business, they’ll see a prominently displayed snapshot of your company that can include a brief summary about your business, your hours of operation and your contact information, to name a few.

And with Google’s convenient call button, customers can easily reach you on their phone with a tap of the finger.

Attract new customers

People want to find your business. Google makes it easy for them by providing a digital map that pinpoints your location based on the address you provided on your Google+ page.

Viewers can also easily get directions both online, and from their phone, by simply using the interactive map to view everything from the surrounding area to nearby cross streets to your storefront.

Build a positive image

Upload a profile picture and showcase your products and services with eye-catching imagery that visitors can then share and comment on. And with the “+1” feature, viewers can easily show their support for their favorite posts.

Google+ is more than just another page to add to your online presence. It enhances your search results on Google to provide a highlighted snapshot of your business, and with Google My Business (your dashboard), you can use the insights to make better decisions about what to include in future posts.