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Salon software that takes care of you and your clients

For you, Booker salon management software handles day-to-day tasks—so you’re free to focus on making your clients look and feel their best. For them, Booker makes it easy to schedule appointments from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

The best way to book

Our salon scheduling software makes sure booking is fast, easy, and freeing for your clients, whether that’s on your website, on their phones, or on Facebook. Be the one appointment on their calendar they actually look forward to. Wherever you are, however they find you, Booker is there.

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Make easy checkout a part of their experience

It’s never been just about sales—it’s about giving your clients confidence and a boost. Checkout should complement that experience. Booker’s salon POS system makes paying effortless—online, at the front desk, or while they’re saying goodbye.

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Keep your chairs full with online marketing tools

Promote special offers on social media and make sure clients know about open appointment times when they search. Booker puts you everywhere they are, and helps keep you focused on them while they’re with you.

Client reviews left on social media such as Yelp.

Data isn’t your specialty, but it’s ours

With Booker, say hello to all your client info, reporting, staff scheduling, payroll, and commissions stored in one place—and say goodbye to managing it yourself. And when you’re away from the front desk, use the business app to schedule, book, and take payments.

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Repeat business matters

Each return visit is an opportunity to show them what their best really is. Booker helps you create, send, and schedule custom emails, special offers, and membership updates to keep them coming back (again and again).

When you started this, it was about creating something beautiful. That hasn’t changed—it’s just gotten easier.

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In 2017, 130,000+ professionals at over 11,100 locations used Booker daily to grow their business.

Salon success stories

“Booker grows with me as I grow my business.”

Michael Elliot, Booker Client
Owner, Hammer & Nails

"I think about running my business without Booker, and it seems like we’d be living in the Dark Ages.”

Catherine Fain, Booker Client
Owner, Paintbase

“My growth doubled when I got Booker!”

Arnil Pabalan, Booker Client
Owner, AR Salon

Growth is your goal—these business insights can get you there

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Focus on your clients, not your marketing

Frederick automates your marketing and creates an exceptional experience long before clients step through your door. More than just simple reminders, Frederick syncs with your software to speed up the slow days, fill your appointment book, and even create online buzz.

Tablet and smartphone displaying client reviews.

Find out what’s possible and get two weeks of Frederick free when you sign up.

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Frequently asked questions about salon software

  • What is salon software?
    Beauty salon software can automatically handle a wide range of tasks for your beauty business that in the past required a lot of manual data entry and time. Maybe most importantly, you can use the salon appointment scheduler to keep your schedule online, so it’s easy for clients to view, book, and buy on any device, from anywhere. Also, you can sell and track services and products, and even keep track of clients and prospects with details into their past purchases and services. Plus, you can run and view detailed reports to help you improve your services and grow your business. Think of it as hiring a full-time assistant to take care of day-to-day tasks and free you up to focus on more important things.
  • What are the benefits of salon booking software and online booking?
    If you’re coming from pen and paper to take and track appointments and run your business, you’re in for a world of change when you start using salon software. Essentially, running software to manage your schedule, staff, and inventory simplifies your life—it helps offload some of the work behind the nuts and bolts of your business so you can focus on your clients and staff. Spend less time calling customers to confirm appointments and more time finding new ways to market. Spend less time figuring out payroll, commissions, and tips, and more time training staff on how to upsell. Spend less time tracking inventory manually and more time on your customer experience.
  • Will salon software lead to more sales?
    If you’re using it to do more than just manage your schedule, then yes. If you really want to grow your business, you need professional, automated tools to help you track and improve sales and market your services, whether you’re a hair salon, nail salon, or full-service salon. With software, you can publish your availability online on your website, on social media, and even on your mobile app to create more front doors to your business. You can also create and publish promos or introductory offers and even track which staff are great at upselling, selling products, and bringing in new clients—and incentivize them accordingly. Software allows you to track slow and busy times and staff appropriately. And, it lets you see which clients are regulars, which ones need a nudge or reminder to come back, and which ones can be won back. Finally, with an integrated POS (point-of-sale) system such as Clover, you get the ability to make sales at the front desk, on mobile, or online.
  • Will I need support to run salon software at my business?
    We try to make the software as easy to use as possible, but of course with any new tool, you’ll have questions. We have support sites that answer common questions, plus support via phone, email, and chat to get the answer you need, when you need it. You’ll find that learning to use the software on your desktop, at your front desk, and from your phone and tablet will get easier over time until you realize how essential it is to run your business and free up your time.
  • What salon hardware will I need to supplement my software solution?
    That depends on your needs, but we highly recommend a good point-of-sale system as your top priority. You’ll probably want a monitor for your front desk, but you should also consider iPads to alleviate the front desk congestion. Mobile swipers will be key for taking payment on your phones and iPads. A barcode scanner will make things easier at the front desk for checking out products, and a mobile barcode scanner will help you manage inventory.
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