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Massage therapy software that gives you more freedom

Clients book with you for more than relief from sore muscles—they want a break from the daily stress we all feel.

Booker massage business software takes care of you, so you can take care of your clients. They can book whenever and from wherever they like, on any device, and you can give yourself the freedom to focus on them.

Easy booking begins with Booker

They’ve been looking forward to this day for weeks—make sure it’s hassle-free when they book it. Whether it’s on their phones, your website, or Facebook, Booker massage software gives them the freedom to book whenever—and however—they want.

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Sell the experience

Revenue is what keeps your doors open, but what you’re really selling is an experience. Booker’s POS system keeps the focus on that feeling, not on checkout. Let them pay wherever is most natural—online, at the front desk, or while they’re stepping back out into the world.

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Marketing that gives them a piece of yourself

Your clients arrive confident they’ll get your best, every visit. Your marketing should reflect that standard. Make sure they can easily find and book your services on Google, and your promoted specials on social media. We’ll make sure you show up everywhere they look.

Client reviews left on social media such as Yelp.

We manage your data, so you don’t have to

Managing data isn’t why you opened your studio. Let us take care of your client info, staffing and scheduling, payroll, commissions, and reporting, so you can take care of your clients.

Plus, you can track their healing progress with safe, secure, and HIPAA-compliant SOAP notes. Make new notes directly from your schedule and easily store them in your clients  profile.

And, use our business app for scheduling, booking, and payments—from wherever you are.

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Relationships are why you do this

Client relationships are the most valuable part of your studio. They help you and your clients maintain the healing process you started together. Booker tracks their visit history and sends custom emails, special offers, and membership messages that keep that relationship healthy.

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More than 130,000 professionals, at over 11,100 businesses, used Booker daily to grow in 2017.

Stories from Booker believers

“One of the best business decisions we’ve made in over 20 years in the massage industry was switching to Booker.”

Focus for Massage, Booker Client

“This is hands down the best money that I spend each month for my business.”

Shannon Grauzer, Booker Client
Owner, Regain Solace

“If you're going to go with a product that performs, we find Booker is the best in the marketplace.”

Benjamin Nissanoff, Booker Client
Owner, ME Spa

Business insights that help you grow

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Professional marketing gives you more time with clients

From the first click to the moment they walk through your doors, Frederick’s automated appointment reminders mean they’ll always come in relaxed. Plus, you can keep the slow days and open appointments full—and even build your online reviews—with our marketing tools.

Tablet and smartphone displaying client reviews.

Give clients your best self—and we’ll give you two weeks of Frederick free with your software.

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Frequently asked questions about massage therapy software

  • What is massage software?
    Your therapeutic massage business requires a lot from you. From data entry, tracking appointments down to the minute, and keeping track of clients, to managing a busy schedule, software can help manage the chaos that some days bring. Having an appointment scheduler for your massage practice will display your schedule on social media and on your own custom mobile app. Having software allows you to sell and track services, track client and prospect activity, and run reports on everything from staff performance to client retention.
  • What are the benefits of massage booking software and online booking?
    If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with running your business, massage software can help. With software hosted online, you can access your information anywhere and run your schedule, payments, sales, and client information when you’re away from your business or just away from the front desk. You can automatically keep track of payroll, pay rates, commissions, and tips. You can confirm appointments with email and SMS and make no-shows a thing of the past.
  • Will massage software lead to more sales?
    It depends on how you take advantage of the tools available to you. If you become versed in features such as reporting, automation, and introductory offers, and learn how to use email and SMS marketing, you’ll help clients stay engaged. Start by publishing your schedule and availability online and let customers and prospects book you from their desktops or phones, or even through social media such as Facebook and Yelp. Then, track which staff are great at getting new clients or selling products, which upsell additional services or add-ons best, and incentivize them appropriately in the software. Track your clients and prospects to see which ones come in through an offer, which ones make a purchase, which ones stick around, and which ones become loyal customers. And make it all possible with an integrated payment software that lets you sell online, through apps, or at the front desk using a POS system like Clover.
  • Will I need support to run massage software at my business?
    Implementing a new system and migrating your entire business to a single software platform can seem overwhelming, but don’t worry—we have highly-trained specialists who onboard you and are available via chat, email, and phone to help you through any question, large or small.
  • What hardware will I need at my massage studio to run my software solution?
    A good point-of-sale system is probably your number one priority, whether you have a front desk and can accommodate the Clover Mini, or you don’t have a front desk and need iPads with mobile swipers. Don’t forget that your phone is key to your business—you can manage daily tasks and transactions from our iPhone or Android app.
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