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Mindbody Customer Story

The Massage Emporium

Exterior of Massage Emporium

The Massage Emporium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is full of history—both because of its historic building, but also because of the long journey that its owner Faith Miller has taken to be where she is today.

The Journey to Healing

Faith started her journey in wellness as a receptionist at a physical therapy rehab center, where she soon saw the power of healing and realized that she didn't want to spend her time talking to people, she wanted to have hands-on experience—literally.

Faith went to massage school in California, and after completing her studies, she practiced in Los Angeles for nine years. Then, she felt a calling to return home to the South and landed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Clients getting treatment at Massage Emporium

Growing Roots in Louisiana

Although Baton Rouge was different from LA, Faith knew that setting up a massage therapy practice meant finding the ideal location. When Faith was looking for a home for her business in 2006, her realtor took her to a building in a redeveloping neighborhood in downtown Baton Rouge. "I walked in, and it was crummy, but I started laughing. I knew I was so going to be in here, and I don't even know why. So we took it on, did some remodeling, and that's where we still are."

Now, 13 years later, The Massage Emporium is going strong—so strong that Faith is now dreaming of taking over the whole building. "We need the space because downtown keeps growing."

How Mindbody Helped Massage Emporium Grow

Before all of the growth, though, Faith knew that she needed a software program to power her practice. Eventually, she found her way to Mindbody and hasn't looked back. "Mindbody is how I run my business. They are what we eat, sleep and breathe at work."

But Mindbody goes beyond just business management software for Faith. The BOLD conference inspired Faith and gave her the ability to think outside of the box regarding her business challenges and opportunities. "What I get from the BOLD conference is it just reenergizes my entrepreneurial spirit. You get in the day-to-day, and it gets a little boggy, and it gets a little tired, but you come to BOLD, and you get fed."

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