Drive growth and inspire staff with data at your fingertips

Dive more deeply into your metrics to discover opportunities for your business. Increase efficiency, see where you’re succeeding, and motivate your team so your brand can thrive.

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Person using laptop and phone with Insights dashboard and metrics
Insights dashboard with different categories of sales metrics

Say goodbye to spreadsheets

And hello to configurable dashboards: everything you need to know about your business, locations, and staff to make data-driven decisions. Share dashboards with staff to reach business goals—together.

Bar chart and list with monthly sales data for different franchise locations

Run your enterprise with ease

Increase efficiency and cut costs by giving your regional managers a better connection to business and staff insights for all their locations.

Staff profile with chart showing goal numbers for new customer contest

Power up your team

Empower your staff with the insights they need to succeed, stay motivated, and stay with you. Automatically tracked goals and contests encourage and recognize performance—and boost sales.

Location overview with filters for various time periods

Get immediate, actionable metrics

See how your business is performing with data that drives decisions today, this month, or this year—and helps you and your team pivot where you need to.

Employee profile with sales data and a recognition text message

Stay connected wherever you are

Maintain momentum from anywhere and stay in touch with your business and team via the Insights app. You can even recognize top performers to maintain a positive culture—directly from the app.

Drive growth and inspire your team

Tap into your business with an easier way to run and analyze your data.

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