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Drive growth and inspire staff with Insights

Insights shows you what’s happening across your business, increases efficiency, highlights successes, and motivates staff so you can thrive.

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Mindbody Insights dashboard

Insights Dashboards

Insights without the spreadsheets

Insights puts everything you need to know about your business, locations, and staff at your fingertips, so you can stay connected and make data-driven decisions.

Create and share configurable dashboards with your team so you can all drive toward your goals together.

Individual location metrics with filters to compare by time period

The metrics you need, now

Don’t wait until the end of the month to fix what isn’t working. See how you’re tracking today, this month, and this year so you know when and where to focus your attention.

Insights Leaderboards

Various contests with leaderboards and sales numbers

Boost sales and productivity

Motivate staff by showing them how they’re tracking to personalized KPIs.

With goals and contests that are automatically tracked, you can encourage staff to go the extra mile and recognize top performers—all while boosting sales and performance.

Staff profile with sales metrics and goals

Empower and retain top talent

Invest in your staff by giving them the insights they need to succeed, stay motivated, and stay with you.

It’s the real-time, data-based feedback your team needs, when they need it most.

Employee profile with sales numbers and encouragement message from leadership

Kick back without unplugging

Has it been too long since your last vacation? Stay up to speed on your business and staff at a glance—no matter where you are.

Maintain momentum, drive positive culture, and recognize top performers right from the app.

Your whole business—at your fingertips

Insights are endless. Tap into your business in a whole new way with the right data—right now.

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