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All-in-one gym software

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Gym management software dashboard with client profiles, metrics, and more

More time to do what you love

Client working out and client profile with details

Easily tap into client profiles and preferences in your gym software. Motivate your team and keep them in sync with scheduling, performance reviews, and payroll all in your system.

Trainer reviewing membership options with client

Let clients build stronger ties to your brand with membership options in your gym software. Generate recurring revenue with automatic payments for members.

Client working out and a screenshot of autopay membership

Track and manage every client’s payment info instantly with accessible, intelligent payment reporting—and easily integrate the right point of sale hardware for your gym.

Trainer reviewing class schedule on mobile

Post your gym’s schedule everywhere clients are booking, and easily manage staff hours, client classes, and more all from the same place.

Power your gym with the leading tech

Client membership opportunity in lead management system

Gain and manage new leads with ease

Mindbody gym management software predicts which leads are most likely to convert into returning customers, and who’s at risk of leaving your business, so you know exactly where to focus your retention efforts. No notebooks. No spreadsheets. Just countless possibilities from one CRM system.  

And with Messenger[ai] as your 24/7 front desk assistant, you can focus on providing the best in-person service, without worrying about missing a call.

Classpass and Mindbody apps on mobile devices

Expand your client network

Place your brand in front of millions of consumers looking to book services like yours on the Mindbody consumer app and the ClassPass app. Attract new clients and drive brand loyalty with your existing ones through AI-powered class recommendations and intro offers.

Gym branded mobile app with design options

One app for everything your clients need

Put all your offerings right in your clients’ hands with your own customized branded mobile app. We build it to match your brand. Clients download it, book their favorite classes, and edit their schedules and profiles themselves in real time—wherever they are, whenever they’d like.

Tailored marketing messages sent to smart contact lists

Make strong marketing impressions

Marketing Suite delivers everything you need to attract new customers and keep current ones. Smart contact lists in your gym software identify the right clients to contact, while automated, customized emails and texts reach them with the right message, every time. And your gym software measures your impact, so you know what’s working.

"We wanted to be customer-focused online as well as offline—Mindbody spends the time to make sure the software works for you and your business."
Headshot of Mark Garrahy

Mark Garrahy

Co-Founder and General Manager, HighLow Fitness

Sans Souci, New South Wales

Everything you need in gym software

Make the most of your day with one powerful gym management solution

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Frequently asked questions

What is gym management software?

There’s no debate, it’s easy to break a sweat running a gym. Whether you’re managing the daily operations, running the business behind the scenes, or simply working at the front desk, there’s a laundry list of responsibilities that require your attention. That’s where technology comes in. 


Gym management software is a digital platform that helps you run your gym and increase your clientele by automating your day-to-day tasks and creating a modern experience for members. Whether you’re using gym management software to streamline class scheduling, shorten your to-do list, simplify your payments, or give you more time to focus on the details that matter, the tech will keep your business on the cutting edge.  


There are a number of different solutions available, but the best gym management options offer marketing automations, integrated point-of-sale choices, staff management controls, and other ways to streamline your daily tasks. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, a growing operation, or opening the doors of your 400th location, the right gym management software is designed to scale to your unique needs.

Why is gym management software important for my business?

If you’re running a business these days, you’re most likely using some form of gym management software, whether you know it or not. There are a million different pieces of technology on the market, each designed to streamline at least one part of your business. But each of these individual items does not equal the full package.


Having a complete gym management system is important for your business because it organizes all of your business information into one central location and cuts the need for a bunch of third-party solutions. Whether you’re looking for client profiles, daily class schedules, payroll options, staff management details, comprehensive reports, or more, you can easily find them within your gym management software. With the touch of a button, you’ll have the information you need to make informed decisions at your business. Plus, with a mobile business app, you can easily take this data anywhere and run your gym on the go.


Clients can also enjoy a better class scheduling experience at your business because of gym management software. When your business is everywhere members and potential clients look to book, your gym becomes the go-to destination for classes. Modern consumers love options and ease of access, and they’ll appreciate the ability to book gym classes through your website, the Mindbody app, Google, or a branded mobile app. Plus, gym management software can streamline your intake process by sending forms and waivers to clients ahead of time so they can show up ready and focused on their workout.


Gym management software also can revolutionize the way you accept payments at your business. By integrating your point of sale with your gym management software, all of your payments are handled in a single location and all of your admin and reporting processes are simplified. You can also use your gym membership software to set up automated recurring payments for memberships, save client payment details and history, and create detailed revenue reports. And, with the right hardware, you can accept transactions anywhere in your business.


Plus, gym management software opens up new ways for businesses to interact with their members and potential clients through modern options like video or chat. For example, the best gym management software choices allow businesses to launch their own livestream and video on-demand streaming platforms. From there, businesses can interact with clients around the world in real time or create branded workout videos for members to watch later. Gym management software should also support chatbots that respond to missed calls immediately, answer questions, and book classes and appointments. It’s the best way to create an excellent experience for gym members, and a great method to set your business apart from the pack.


But that’s just the beginning. Gym management software has the power to automate your marketing, give clients personalized experiences, support multi-location growth, and more. Gym management software features can vary by package, so talk to a sales rep to learn more about what’s best for your gym.  

How does gym software manage memberships?

Using memberships to generate continuing, stable revenue is an important part of the fitness business model, and gym management software can optimize the process for gym managers and owners. Once set up in the software, businesses can use memberships to help with gym client management and measure the success of their member groupings, while clients can get perks like priority booking access and retail discounts. Gym membership management software makes the payment process seamless for customers, as well, with easy-to-set-up autopay preferences. And with card updater features, you’ll spend less time chasing expired payment info by automatically monitoring cards stored in your site—securely.

How much does gym management software cost?

Mindbody has several pricing and packaging options available for gym management software. Whether your business needs call for the simplest choice or the best solution money can buy, there’s a package designed to fit every business size and type. There are also a variety of add-on solutions to bolster the functionality of any package, like FitMetrix fitness tracking and live leaderboards or Insights advanced reporting features. For more information on Mindbody’s pricing and packaging, refer to our fitness pricing page.

Can gym management software improve my sales process?

If you’re still managing your sales pipeline on pen and paper or a third-party system, complete gym management software can give your lead management process an overhaul. It’ll take your entire sales process off of spreadsheets and sticky notes and store it within a built-in gym lead management system that tracks, nurtures, and turns sales leads into members of your community. You’ll be able to quickly view your entire sales funnel, view every lead touchpoint, and equip staff members with the details they need to succeed. The best part? You can view it all from an easy-to-use dashboard that’s integrated with the gym management software that runs your business.

Why use Marketing Suite at my gym?

There are a lot of third-party marketing solutions out there, but Marketing Suite is different because it’s built directly into your gym management software. It knows everything about your business operations and data, and takes all of your numbers on customers, staff, services, and sales to create an efficient gym marketing approach with drip campaigns, referral and reputation programs, and other client retention tools. With special algorithms, Marketing Suite creates customer profiles based on each gym client's past responses, visit history, and purchase habits. But they don’t just work to keep clients coming back—these gym marketing campaigns also reduce your admin work by making most of your marketing efforts automatic.

What kinds of gym listings are in the Mindbody app?

The Mindbody app is the largest global wellness community, and it’s full of potential clients looking for gym services like yours. In the app, gym offerings are listed out within the “Fitness” category and can be filtered by classes, studios, or instructors in a surrounding area. Users can also view Mindbody app fitness listings by subcategory and filter for potential gym offerings like “Gym Classes,” “Interval Training,” “Weight Training,” “Outdoor,” and more. When listing in the Mindbody app, you can use the category and subcategory fields in your gym management software to market your services to the best audience.