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What Brought Body and Face by Kristin Back to Mindbody

Body and face by Kristin

For years, Kristin Young has known that her purpose in life is to make people feel better in their bodies. She earned her BS in Health Promotion and studied sports medicine. She later obtained her license as a massage therapist and esthetician. Early on, she set her sights on yet another massive milestone: entrepreneurship. 

Kristin opened the first location of Body and Face by Kristin in 2007. Despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic, Kristin was able to open a second location in November of 2020. 

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill chain spa with hundreds of locations. Body and Face is far more intimate than that. Both locations are in very small towns, and the staff focuses on giving personal, customized experiences through massage, skincare, wraps, scrubs, and waxing. Customers are loyal and range from five years of age to 90, almost evenly split between men and women—proving that spas are for everyone.  

Don’t let the small-town feel fool you, though. Body and Face by Kristin has stayed busy, even once reopening after the COVID-19 lockdown—a curveball that, of course, hit the spa brand hard, but the team persevered regardless. And it paid off (literally). 

Supporting such a strong clientele and a myriad of client needs has meant that Body and Face by Kristin needs a software partner they can really lean on. Enter: Mindbody. 

Using Mindbody’s spa software and Marketing Suite

Like any spa owner will tell you, one of the most important facets of running your business is efficiently managing administrative duties like scheduling and payments, as well as customer-facing efforts like marketing. 

Kristin started using Mindbody’s spa software back in 2009 before deciding to spend a little more time exploring her options. During the pandemic, Kristin tried three other software providers, including Boulevard, before finding her way back to Mindbody. “It was good to see what else is out there,” she says. “And then I learned that, no, this is where I needed to be.”  

Ultimately, the choice was clear, and Kristin came back to Mindbody. She felt welcomed back by the Mindbody team, who immediately helped her tackle COVID challenges. “The back office is really wonderful.” Switching spa software can feel incredibly overwhelming, and Kristin knew she’d need help. Body and Face leaned heavily on Mindbody’s support during the initial set-up phase. Her data had moved around to three other companies, but the Mindbody team was up for the challenge. 

It was the encouragement that Kristin needed. Using Mindbody, she was going to not only save time but make money, too. Hello, Marketing Suite.  

Kristin knows the importance of marketing, saying, “I really enjoy marketing, but it’s a lot of work.” Kristin’s eager to leverage Marketing Suite in her new-to-her-again software. Marketing Suite allows Kristin to tackle email marketing without feeling overly taxed. With Marketing Suite, it’s easy to direct clients to online booking and additional purchases, including retail and gift cards. Kristin says that features like this “really make up for things that the other [software she tried] lack.” It was worth coming back.  

Marketing, after all, is what had made her fall in love with the software initially. Shortly before Valentine’s Day, Mindbody helped her get her very first email campaign launched... 

“The marketing aspects are phenomenal.” With Mindbody, it was easy for Kristin to email a curated list of clients about the opportunity to buy gift certificates at her locations. The results? “I saw a great return from that, great response. We sold a ton of gift certificates from that,” she shares. 

It wasn’t just the return that was encouraging (although that was certainly a big part of it). Kristin also loved how intuitive and user-friendly the email campaigns are to run. “I’ve always loved [Mindbody’s] email campaigns, that it's hooked right up to our customer list. And it's not something I have to do separately. I didn't see that with the other companies out there.” 

It’s this type of flexibility that makes Mindbody so powerful. The software is holistic and streamlined enough to manage all your locations on one platform, whether you have two or 200. And yet, you still have the freedom to customize certain elements so that they make sense for your business. No two brands are alike, after all. 

As Body and Face by Kristin continues to service a healthy clientele, Mindbody will be there to help them seamlessly manage their day-to-day tasks and contribute to providing a positive experience for their customers. 

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