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Mindbody Customer Story

Inhale Pittsburgh

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Community matters internally and externally at Inhale Pittsburgh's two locations.


Janna purchased both of her locations from previous owners. Both studios had established communities and brands, and Janna was faced with determining if she would rebrand or not. When she bought her first studio in April 2016, this decision was firmly rooted in the revitalization of downtown Pittsburgh, where the studio was located.

“They’re really trying to create a neighborhood versus just a destination for people to go to work or go watch one of our sports teams or a show,” Janna explained. “I wanted to support that by growing a yoga studio there as well. I ended up choosing to support the community that was already existing and grow that community.”

How Janna's Website Helps Build Community

In the two years since her first studio acquisition, Janna’s worked on growing her customer base. To do that, she’s focused on building a strong brand, complete with a beautiful and dynamic website.

"I designed my website through Squarespace," Janna said. "I worked really hard to create a seamless experience for the customer to the extent that I can because I know how important that is. And having the ability to integrate our scheduling system and our processing system into an experience on the website that's one click—that's awesome."

Branded Web Tools Ease the Pain of Booking

To make a seamless experience on her website, Janna uses Mindbody branded web tools. Branded web tools, which are included for all Mindbody customers on the Essential, Accelerate and Ultimate tiers, allow businesses to integrate their schedule on their website, allowing their clients to view, book, and pay on desktop or mobile within their branded site.

Janna doesn’t just use the tools on her website—she recently opened up the tool to her staff to embed the widgets on their own websites. This has provided prospective clients with more ways to find Inhale, even beyond its website.

"I'm always a fan of whatever can be done to make it easier, for that person who's your consumer to make a decision, take action and then make that commitment," Janna said. “It’s one of my favorite parts of the things I can do with Mindbody."

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