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Better Future x Mindbody: Two Health and Wellness Business Catalysts

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Better Future is busy. They're one of the most interesting and influential wellness companies around, and quite different than most. Better Future is a business incubator, creating unique fitness, wellness, spa, and salon businesses. They nurture their brands from concept to execution, then continue working behind the scenes to support thriving enterprises like Yoga Box and Renegade Fit. Here’s how it all started.

Bringing innovative ideas to life

In 2011, a new salon exploded onto the scene in New York City. Billy Canu joined forces with an expert in the field to invest in something new. His marketing savvy and her salon know-how created magic, and the salon grew to 12 locations.

Now, that first salon is just one of Canu’s ongoing business projects. Better Future’s love of unorthodox ideas means their brand family is quite diverse. Their team is always hard at work on creative projects with a shared spark of innovation.

The Better Future universe 

Let’s peek behind the curtain to understand how Better Future works, exploring their goals and challenges.

Each brand gets its start when Canu connects with a health or wellness expert who has found opportunity hidden in a gap in the market. If they possess both an excellent idea and the passion and drive to see it through, Canu asks them these questions:

  • What is your intention with this concept?
  • How will this idea reshape your community?
  • Is it dynamic and different enough?

With these key differentiators defined, the real work begins. With Canu’s guidance and the support of the Better Future team, an idea is transformed into a viable business, complete with a managing partner program—everything needed to take a big dream all the way to a thriving business.

Rather than use a franchise model, Better Future brands are multi-location. This offers support for the business through coaching and mentorship, and consistency for their clients and members. Mindbody’s corporate dashboards and real-time data analysis expand with each brand, no matter how quickly they grow.

Let’s dive into our partnership and see how some of Better Future’s brands thrive with Mindbody, Booker, and ClassPass.

Diverse brands need a broad range of business tools

Better Future started with a handful of projects. With Mindbody, they’ve expanded and diversified, growing ten times over. They have no plans to slow down.

With Mindbody’s powerful suite of products and services, the Better Future team can tailor solutions to each brand’s unique needs. While spa brands like Mellow Massage grow with Booker, fitness brands like Yoga Box scale with Mindbody. Several wellness brands expand their reach even further with ClassPass. Mindbody’s branded apps drive loyalty and community, and Marketing Suite helps tie it all together for the community impact Better Future brands crave.

The nitty gritty numbers

Better Future’s success cannot be overstated—their 10x growth is nothing short of exceptional. Mindbody’s experience scaling multi-location enterprises made them the right technology partner for Better Future’s ambitious goal: getting to number one. Three tools have really impacted Yoga Box and Renegade’s bottom lines.

With their branded mobile apps, both brands improved communication and created an easier booking experience, resulting in a 34% year-over-year increase in app bookings. 

To maximize their community impact, connection is vital. Marketing Suite helps them keep conversations going at all stages of the customer experience, including social sharing.

Partnering with ClassPass helped Renegade and Yoga Box grow their customer base. From 2021 to 2022, consumer bookings with ClassPass increased 102%.

Joining forces for a better tomorrow

So what’s next for Better Future? Deepening their commitment to inclusivity, truly effecting change, continuing to grow and ask questions, and expanding into new markets. The wellness world can create better futures for us all.

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