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The Mindbody Marketplace Checklist

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The Mindbody Marketplace Checklist

With over 2.4M consumers discovering new businesses and purchasing services, class packs, and memberships, you definitely want to make sure your listing is setting you up for success.

Keywords attract customers

Share who you are, what you do, and what makes your business unique by adding robust, keyword-rich business and location descriptions. This is one of the best ways to ensure your business appears at the top of search results. 

It’s important to be specific about the classes and services you provide and use the specific keywords that apply. For example, do you offer “yoga classes” or “hot vinyasa yoga classes”? The more accurate the keyword, the easier it is to connect your business with the customer who’s looking for exactly what you offer. 

Have virtual classes? Be sure to use the word “VIRTUAL” in all caps before the regular title of your class so it’s easy for anyone to find it, wherever they might be (i.e., “VIRTUAL HIIT”). 

Be sure to outline any amenities you provide, including daycare, parking, showers, etc. These details might sway a customer to you and away from a competitor. 

Don’t forget about filters!

Customers use categories to filter while browsing the Mindbody Marketplace, so make sure they can find your business quickly and easily. Go to Services & Products and select the appropriate category and subcategory for each class or appointment you offer.  Repeat this step for any enrollments, too. 

Show your business in the best light

Literally! First impressions matter, and it’s important to use professional, high-quality photography that accurately portrays your brand in your Marketplace listing. Choose a minimum of 6 photos that tell your brand story and best illustrate your location, staff, and services. 

Note: these photos will represent your brand during any intro offers and last-minute deals, so choose carefully! 

Introduce your staff

Help customers get to know you and your staff by adding bios and photos for each staff member associated with a class, appointment, or enrollment. A friendly smile and a quick intro do so much to make new customers feel comfortable...and commit. 

Promote, promote, promote!

Fact: Intro offers and last-minute deals provide even higher visibility in the Mindbody Marketplace—so use this feature to your advantage.

Go to the Services and Products section of your software to manage both, and don’t miss your chance to been seen—and booked—by customers near you. 

Intro Offers Promoted intro offers will appear in the Categories section of the Mindbody Marketplace rather than simply being bookable under your business listing. Hot tip: Some customers have said that having multiple Intro Offer promos resulted in more purchases. 

Last-Minute Deals These dynamically priced classes not only help fill open slots, they also help customers find your listing easier. Customers see your “Last-Minute Offers” on the home screen of the Mindbody Marketplace—which they won’t be able to resist. (At this time, this feature is only available for businesses located in the US.) 

Don’t miss out—optimizing your listings from the start will bring more new clients in your door. Why wait? Download the Marketplace Checklist now and make your listing work for you

Mindbody Marketplace Checklist graphic


The Mindbody Marketplace Checklist
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