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What's New: December 2020

What's New: December 2020 Booker by Mindbody Software Updates

By Katherine Wernet

January 25, 2024

As the year winds down, there are lots of new features out for Booker by Mindbody. It’s particularly good timing for salons and spas that are looking to make the most of this holiday season. While we’ve made lots of updates since we last caught up, here are some of our favorites.

Edit online booking menu groups to make the most of holiday specials

Now, you can edit services in bulk. Looking to create a Winter Wonderland special? You can add groups to make your special easier for clients to discover and book on your online booking page. Add an existing facial service to the new group for your holiday special while keeping it in the original facial services group, too. All the better to showcase your services!

A new way to add tip preference and select prepaid payment options

It’s so important to minimize physical contact at your salon or spa. When you or your team are checking out clients via desktop or with the business app, they can see and easily apply a client’s saved tip preference. If there isn’t one on file, staff can offer to update then and there. Having a saved tip preference makes for smooth transactions in the future (and minimizes contact—something clients think is important). Barbershop Emerson Joseph keeps tip preferences on file for its members, and it creates a seamless experience that members have come to absolutely love.

Dealing with prepaid options during checkout is better now as well. Staff can now offer a new series or package to clients at checkout (in desktop and the business app) and apply it to pay for the current order (who could possibly resist?!). All the better for your retention and rebooking efforts. It’s also perfect timing for the holidays since your salon or spa will be selling loads of gift cards.

And checkout is even easier

How many of us have been in the middle of checking out a customer only to have to navigate away from the point of sale? Staff can now quickly return to orders that were recently opened from a drop-down menu on the calendar, customer, or order pages. Multitask away! Orders are also automatically saved if they’re opened and not closed—no extra clicks or steps.

Collecting payment info for clients when booking an appointment makes checkout simple when they visit. Clients can already add payment info when booking online, but now your staff can also add payment info when booking clients in the business app. Staff can attach client credit card details to an appointment by a hold or a deposit.

We’ve also made it easy for staff to update client info right from the point of sale. Simply click the new pencil icon next to your client’s name to update their name, phone, or email, and carry on with checkout.

Sell memberships online

Memberships are an excellent way to secure recurring revenue—why not make it easy for your clients to lock in a membership online? Now, available in beta, businesses on V2 can sell memberships from their websites. Let us know if you want to join the beta here!

See every update here in our release notes.

V2 release notes.

V1 release notes.

About the author:

Katherine Wernet

Katherine Wernet

Senior Campaign Program Manager


Katherine leads the salon and spa marketing strategy at Mindbody and is part of the team behind the Mindbody Wellness Index. While she started her career in film and television, a passion for small businesses won out and led her to Mindbody. She earned her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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