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ten healthiest cities in america mindbody wellness index 2022

Top 10 Healthiest Cities in America in 2022

Which are the healthiest cities in the United States? As part of the annual Mindbody Wellness Index, we collect data to rank the 50 most populous U.S. cities from most healthy to least. The rankings take a holistic look at well-being, factoring in various dimensions of wellness:

  • How much residents exercise
  • How stressed they are
  • The amount of rest they get
  • How many of them smoke
  • How much alcohol they drink
  • Their body mass index
  • How close they are to friends and family
  • How connected they feel to their communities
  • Whether they feel spiritually fulfilled

See which cities rank at the top in 2022. Learn why the top ten ranked so highly.

number one miami florida

1. Miami, FL

Miami is the healthiest city in America for the 3rd year in a row. The Magic City is the least stressed and the most well rested. They eat their fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated, engage in mentally stimulating activities, and feel connected to their community. This city is one of the fittest, it has the highest number of residents who engage in exercise at least once a week (over 80%) and do so for at least 90 minutes a week (over 56%). Residents are willing to stay up late to fit in movement, earning the title of most likely to book an evening workout. They’re also spending more than any other city at salons and spas, wellness businesses, and fitness studios and gyms.

number two los angeles california

2. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is now the 2nd healthiest city in America—a move from 7th place last year. Why the jump? The city ranks highly across a variety of dimensions of wellness: 3rd highest in feeling spiritually fulfilled, a high number of non-smokers (2nd only to San Jose), and a high number of residents who exercise at least 90 minutes per week. With beautiful weather year-round, it’s no surprise Los Angeles is also the city most likely to book outdoor workouts.

number three san diego california

3. San Diego, CA

San Diego is another California city that moved up in the rankings, from 8th last year. The city has the highest percentage of residents who have a normal body mass index (BMI) per the CDC’s definition, and is one of the most active cities. However, San Diego attributes its top three spot to much more than fitness. Over half of residents consume the recommended serving of fruits, vegetables, and water daily, receive regular medical checkups, feel connected to their neighbors, and get sufficient rest. Nearly 70% of residents also say they find time for play and having fun—the highest in the U.S.

number four atlanta georgia

4. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta earned a spot in the 10 healthiest cities once again, although notably dropping from 2nd place to 4th. The city ranks 2nd in both spiritual fulfillment and sufficient rest. Staying well-rested is important for residents who are often on the move to their next appointment or class—Atlantans are also big wellness spenders, 2nd only to Miami in the amount they spend at salons and spas, fitness studios and gyms, and wellness businesses.

number five washington dc

5. Washington, DC

The nation’s capital maintained its position as the 5th healthiest city for both 2021 and 2022. Residents are committed to exercise, with 78% breaking a sweat at least once per week. All that movement helps DC residents maintain a healthy BMI—over 40% land in the normal range. DC prioritizes intellectual wellness, too. More than half of residents regularly engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities.

number six san francisco california

6. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco fell three positions this year, from 3rd to 6th. This may have to do with having the highest number of residents who drink excessively. On the bright side, San Franciscans exercise frequently, with nearly 60% working out three times a week or more and the majority doing so for at least 90 minutes on a weekly basis. More than a 3rd of SF residents use alternative medicine to promote health, a high percentage compared to the rest of the country.

number seven san jose california

7. San Jose, CA

As the 7th healthiest city in the U.S., San Jose has the highest percentage of non-smokers and the second highest percentage of residents with healthy BMIs. San Jose spends significantly on wellness, too. The city ranks 3rd highest in spending on fitness and wellness.

number eight austin texas

8. Austin, TX

Austin rose to the top 10 list after landing in the 14th spot last year. How’d it happen? For one, Austinites ramped up their exercise habits. Today, 78% exercise at least once a week (compared to 74% last year). When it comes to fitting in movement, Austin is full of lunchtime warriors and has been labeled the city most likely to book a midday workout. The city’s top 10 ranking has to do with much more than workouts, though. Austin had a rise in those who avoid drinking—from 39% in 2021 to 46% in 2022. On top of that, 52% of residents engage in creative and mentally stimulating activities.

number nine seattle washington

9. Seattle, WA

Coming in at 9th is Seattle. When it comes to wellness, the rainy weather doesn’t seem to hold residents back—61% say they find time for fun and play and 76% work out at least once per week. They stay hydrated to support all that activity: 60% of residents drink six to eight glasses of water every day. Community is also important for Seattle. A strong majority of residents say they have close relationships with family members and friends and nearly 40% say they feel connected to their neighborhood.

number ten Raleigh north carolina

10. Raleigh, NC

Finishing off the list is Raleigh, which saw a significant jump from the 28th to 10th healthiest city this year. That’s because Raleigh residents have made some notable health gains this year—44% abstain from excessive alcohol consumption (versus 39% last year). 73% of residents work out at least once per week.

See the full Mindbody Wellness Index rankings, from healthiest to unhealthiest city.

  1. Miami, FL
  2. Los Angeles, CA
  3. San Diego, CA
  4. Atlanta, GA
  5. Washington, DC
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. San Jose, CA
  8. Austin, TX
  9. Seattle, WA
  10. Raleigh, NC
  11. Long Beach, CA
  12. Chicago, IL
  13. Minneapolis, MN
  14. Houston, TX
  15. Dallas, TX
  16. Tampa, FL
  17. Nashville, TN
  18. Charlotte, NC
  19. New York, NY
  20. Boston, MA
  21. Denver, CO
  22. Colorado Springs, CO
  23. Oakland, CA
  24. New Orleans, LA
  25. Sacramento, CA
  26. Tucson, AZ
  27. Fort Worth, TX
  28. Jacksonville, FL
  29. Virginia Beach, VA
  30. Mesa, AZ
  31. Las Vegas, NV
  32. Arlington, TX
  33. Kansas City, MO
  34. Baltimore, MD
  35. Columbus, OH
  36. Albuquerque, NM
  37. San Antonio, TX
  38. Philadelphia, PA
  39. Detroit, MI
  40. Phoenix, AZ
  41. Memphis, TN
  42. El Paso, TX
  43. Omaha, NE
  44. Milwaukee, WI
  45. Portland, OR
  46. Louisville, KY
  47. Oklahoma City, OK
  48. Indianapolis, IN
  49. Fresno, CA
  50. Tulsa, OK

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