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Strength in Numbers: The Attendance with Revenue and First Visit Reports

By Jay Greene

May 23, 2022

The performance of your business means a lot to you—but how do you measure if you’re successful? Now, with updates to two of the most powerful Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports in your Mindbody software, it’s become easier than ever before to check your business’s performance with the click of a button.

We've updated the Attendance with Revenue and First Visit reports with a fresh look and new features that empower business owners like you to do even more. If you're already a regular user of these reports, then read on to see what's new—and if you've never used them, then now's your chance to learn what these reports do, and what valuable assets they can be.

Attendance with Revenue—The Performance Report

The Attendance with Revenue report allows you to capture business performance information in a single place. You'll find metrics on client visits, revenue per visit, total revenue, staff performance and service popularity all within this one versatile report. You can also run the report using different dates, helping you to identify seasonal trends in both client activity and revenue, as well as measure quarter over quarter or year over year growth.

The Attendance with Revenue report got a major facelift to make it both more beautiful and easier to use. There is now a filter that gives users the option to filter out “unlimited” pricing options from the results, as well as a filter that lets users exclude “no-show” and “late cancel” visits—all with the aim of improving reporting accuracy.

There have also been improvements to the ways you can get information out of the report: the Export to Excel feature now provides exported docs that are more clearly formatted and user-friendly, and there is a new feature that exports client lists directly into Constant Contact.

First Visit—Client Acquisition and Retention

The First Visitreport displays when each of your clients first came into your business. This report helps you understand which of your services are attracting new clients, and just as importantly, how many of them are being retained to become regulars. The insights gained from this report can help you understand the effects of your marketing efforts and help you make strategic pricing decisions.

Now, the report tells you how new clients found your business, and what service and pricing option got them in the door. In fact, you can now filter first visits to see which clients came in specifically through an introductory offer and which ones have not returned since their first visit.

You can now also see what method the clients used to book their first visit—whether it was booked on the Mindbody app, through your branded app, through your website, or directly through the Mindbody software.

And, as with the Attendance with Revenue report, the First Visit report dramatically improved its exporting capabilities: Excel exports are now crisp and user-friendly and include the Export to Constant Contact feature. If you have multiple locations across different regions, the report will also display whether the first visit was local or cross-regional, and where the first visit happened.

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About the author:

Jay Greene

Lifecycle Program Manager

Jay works with our Lifecycle team to bring valuable content to Mindbody subscribers. When he’s not wearing his Mindbody lanyard, Jay can be found cooking, swirling wine, circuit training or reading a dusty old book of classical philosophy.

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