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Insurance Designed with Your Business in Mind

By Mindbody Insurance

June 5, 2024

For many business owners, finding the right commercial insurance coverage at the right price is a challenge. They often find themselves faced with fees, coverage they don’t need (but still pay for), and strict limitations. That’s where our new insurance solution comes in—Mindbody Insurance has competitive pricing, comprehensive coverage, and policies specifically tailored to your business. 

Competitive prices...not compromises

It’s common for businesses to have an insurance policy that’s not based on their risk profile, and to pay fees that don’t apply to them. We’re transparent with our pricing—Mindbody Insurance quotes are not only competitive, but reflective of a business’s actual risk. With tailored policies and no membership fees, you only buy coverage for what you really need. 

Policies that are personalized for you

Our customers have unique needs, but they’re often given the same limited options as everyone else, with rigid coverage restrictions. Mindbody Insurance is different because of policies that are flexible and designed to fit all kinds of unique circumstances. 

By creating customized plans, we can be innovative and flexible when other carriers can’t be. For example, we know that many gym owners want to offer 24/7 access to their members. While most insurance carriers won’t provide coverage for this access, we can personalize policies to fit what you need.

Have it all, not one-size-fits-all

You shouldn’t have to deal with unnecessary fees, restrictive policies, or difficulty finding coverage. We understand that our customers need more than just cookie-cutter policies and one-size-fits-all solutions. With Mindbody Insurance, you get tailored policies, competitive pricing, and comprehensive coverage so you can thrive without compromise. 

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