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The MINDBODY Business App

How the Mindbody Business App Benefits Your Staff

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

Imagine the last time you were out and about. How often did you notice passersby scrolling through their phones? More importantly, how often did YOU stop to check your phone?

Probably pretty often.

This is because mobile use is higher than ever—and growing. If you want to keep your staff and customers engaged, you need to be where they are: their phones.

To meet growing mobile demand, Mindbody offers a variety of mobile solutions like the MINDBODY app, the Mindbody business app, branded mobile apps and branded web widgets for your customers and your staff.

As more businesses turn to mobile solutions, we revamped the Mindbody business app last year to keep up with demand.

There’s no doubt that mobile technology makes running a business easier, but did you know that, with the right permissions, any staff member at your business can use the business app, too? Here’s how your staff can benefit from using the Mindbody business app.

Nervous about giving access to your staff members? We’ve got you covered.

The MINDBODY business app lets you configure permissions for your staff and practitioners. You have full control to give each person access to the information they need to do their specific job, all managed on the Staff Permissions screen.

For example, you might want to limit teachers and personal trainers to viewing only their schedules, without having access to client profile information. Meanwhile, you might want your front desk staff to be able to sell contracts, check out a customer from an appointment, and accept payments. Check out this support article about Staff Permissions to learn what each permission allows, and what these permissions affect in your Mindbody software and business app.

Plus, by giving your staff members access to the Mindbody business app, your business will run more efficiently, improving the day-to-day experience for your staff—and customers.

Here are three ways that having your whole team on the Mindbody business app improves your business.

1. Real-time visibility for everyone

The Mindbody business app gives you and your staff the freedom to view and update schedules and complete daily tasks directly from your mobile device—no matter where you are. See what’s on your calendar—for the day or week.

  • Book customers, cancel appointments and sub out instructors.
  • Check who’s signed up for a class, paid, signed waivers and more.
  • Sign people into class.

2. No more fumbling for customer information

Depending on what permissions you give your staff, they can have access to view, edit and even contact clients directly from the business app. This has been a widely-used feature that owners, managers, and staff have all found valuable because it gives them the info they need from anywhere.

  • Make changes to customer profiles.
  • Get details about payments and visits.
  • Contact customers via phone, email or text.

3. Improve your sales process

Whether you’re at the front desk, on the studio floor or out and about, the business app ensures you always have a smooth point of sale. And allowing your staff to use the business app means they can sell your services and products, too.

  • Sell services, products—and now contracts—from anywhere.
  • Accept credit card payments and set up recurring payments.
  • View and store contracts and receipts and send them electronically.

4. Drive bookings and promote your business

The social sharing feature allows you to quickly create links from the Mindbody business app and reach your clients through whichever social channel you'd like. Let's say you want to let your Facebook followers know about an upcoming class, you can easily share this through your Facebook page. If you don't happen to have a social media presence, you can also use social sharing to send links through direct messages or in emails. 

  • Share your business' schedule, business details, or specific classes.
  • Generate unique links and draft posts that are completely customizable. 
  • This feature is completely free to use and there are no booking fees for you or your clients. 

5. Make your staff's lives easier.

Wouldn't it be great if your staff could easily manage their schedules all on their own? Well, now they all can! You can simplify the login process by allowing staff members that work at multiple locations to access their information in just a few taps. With this feature, staff can add multiple accounts to their app and toggle between them without having to log in and out—which is a real time saver.

The best part? The Mindbody business app is included with all software packages. To log in, simply enter the same username and password you use for your Mindbody software.

Check out our infographic to see all the reasons your business needs to be listed on the Mindbody app.

View the Infographic

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