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Operate More Efficiently with These Mindbody Tools

By Paul Hickey

February 8, 2024

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive marketplace, business owners are constantly seeking ways to be more efficient, streamline processes, and maximize productivity. Luckily, Mindbody is a best-in-class software platform that has a whole arsenal of tools to help you do just that. 

Let’s dive in. 

Mindbody Branded App 

While the Mindbody Branded App is an essential tool for managing your business, providing a seamless interface for clients to purchase and book classes, did you know that it’s also a powerful marketing and client retention tool?

Using the Push Notification and “What’s hot” capabilities within the app allow you to directly market offers and specials to your existing client base—at no extra cost.

Here’s how they work: 

If you have the Branded App, you should also have a Branded App account associated with it which you can access here.

Once you log in to your account, you’ll be brought to your dashboard. If you click on the “Social Push” icon the display screen will pop open.

Now you can create a message to send to your clients—for example: “Today only 50% off all group class purchases” or “Check out our new class schedule.”

The key to success with this is to embed a shortened link which points directly to either your checkout page on Mindbody or a specific website landing page that you’ve created.

To promote a direct sales offer, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Create the offer under "Pricing Options” on your Mindbody site. 
  2. Once it’s created, open "Pricing Options” and scroll down to the blue, underlined link” options, and right click and highlight “copy link address.”
  3. Now, use a URL shortener such as Bitly to shorten your link. Once it’s shortened, be sure to copy the link. 
  4. Return to your Branded App account and embed the shortened link into the message you’re pushing to your Branded App client user base. To do this, just right click in the panel and paste the link wherever you wish into your message. Pro tip: If you notice your link is over the character limit, you can delete the “https://” element from the link.  
  5. Select your recipients for this message. You have options to send to your Facebook following (you’ll need to connect your Facebook account to your Branded App account, which is straightforward) or Twitter following, or, using the third circle in the control panel, directly to all your Branded App users. 
  6. That’s it! Now, all your clients who use your Branded App will receive the notification on their cell phone, where the embedded link is clickable straight to your checkout page on Mindbody or to a designated landing page on your website for more information.

The “What’s Hot” capability

Another very useful option to engage with your clients within the Branded App platform is the “What’s Hot” option for ongoing promotions. This can be found when you go to your Branded App dashboard and go to the Locations screen on the Dashboard page (this is a fire icon).

By clicking on the fire icon, you’ll be brought to a new screen under Promotions, where you can add a message that will display on the Branded App home screen every time the user opens the app.

Scrolling down, you have the additional option to add a picture, which you can also link to a landing page or directly to the Mindbody checkout page for a special offer. Remember, each time your clients open the app, they’ll see this image and message and will be able to click through to the destination landing page. You can also add a number of different groups or offers that clients can scroll through. This is especially great for upcoming events, promoting membership offers, and more. 

What are the key benefits of using Branded App?

Using shrunken URLs in push notifications is a powerful marketing tool. From our experience (Pilates Performance) we’ve seen up to a 20% increase in sales when this notification is deployed, whether in its own format or used “in addendum” to their marketing initiatives (e.g. text promotion, e-mail campaigns).

Mindbody Branded Web

I’m sure that most of you are familiar with Mindbody Branded Web and have activated your accounts, but for those who haven’t, you’re missing out on an incredibly powerful integration tool for your business. Here’s why.

Mindbody Branded Web offers you an array of tools to integrate your website in your Mindbody software platform. This ranges from:

  • Live interactive class schedules
  • Appointment schedules
  • Education and Workshop schedules
  • Registration widget
  • Contact Us widget

All of these are essential tools for managing your wellness business in an efficient and productive manner—and they give your clients full access to your schedule via your website.

One of the real attractions of the Branded Web toolkit is that it’s easy to set up. Although the widgets are pieces of code, their deployment on your website is as simple as copy and paste. You can also choose and customize which widgets you wish to deploy on your site to capture prospects and new clients. Furthermore, you can use the widget code to interface with your Facebook account so clients can access your class schedule or appointment book directly from your Facebook page.

Here’s how to do it.

First, go to the Mindbody Branded Web page,  where you’ll be able to set up your Branded Web account (if you have an active Mindbody account)

Once you have set up an account you will have three different page options:

  • Widgets
  • Links
  • Site settings


There’s a full array of customizable integration widgets available—by clicking the three dots to the side of these options, you can deploy, rename, copy, or delete any of the individual widgets.

To deploy the widget, just click the deploy option to bring up the code, which will be individual to your Mindbody software account. From here, it’s simply a matter of copying the code and placing it on whatever page you like on your website.

Once you’ve copied the code, go to the admin section of your website and find (or create a new page) where you wish to deploy the widget. Then, click on “preview” on your website admin console and it will show how it appears on your website.

I would strongly recommend deploying a number of these widgets, particularly the class schedule. The “Prospect” and “Contact Us” widgets also provide a communication tool for your clients to contact you directly and for you to capture new prospects or leads.

By clicking on the name of the widget, you can fully customize how it will display to your clients on your website, from size, font type, color background, buttons, types of filters (class, time, level, etc.), language, and date/time format.

When setting up the “Contact us” widget you’ll also be able to ensure which e-mail addresses receive any queries—be it the owner or front desk. You can also add your company logo. 

Site Settings

The Site Settings page in Branded Web tools is an enormously important tool in customizing how you wish to display your branding and other important info via your website. Here you can customize logo colors, default applications, regions, currency, users—and most importantly, bookings and e-commerce functionality.

With e-commerce, you can enable a hidden “Thank You” page on your website that fires each time a purchase is made via your Mindbody e-commerce platform. You can also directly enable online payments via your website with this tool.

By including the Google Analytics and Facebook pixel codes, you’ll also be able to track where your purchases are coming from, as well as their value and quantity.

Here’s an example of how our Thank You page looks!

Incorporating these Mindbody tools into your operations can be a transformative journey towards enhanced efficiency and streamlined processes. These features enable you to focus more on what truly matters as a business owner: delivering exceptional experiences to your clients while propelling your business to new heights. If you’d like any further information, consultancy services to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your Mindbody site, or professional digital marketing services for new client acquisitions, feel free to reach out to me.

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About the author:

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Paul Hickey

Mindbody Certified Business Consultant

Paul has more than 25 years of executive business experience across a diverse industry profile, ranging from hospitality/leisure to facilities/property and B2B support services, and including serving at the executive level at a Financial Times Stock Exchange 100-listed multinational. Paul is also a digital marketing expert and has helped a number of small businesses develop and execute robust and successful multi-platform digital marketing campaigns leading to sizable revenue growth and brand enhancement. A specialist in business start-ups, Paul has been responsible for the successful planning, implementation, and route to market strategies for a number of new businesses, from new hotels/bars/cafes to Pilates studios.

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