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How FITT Is Your Studio Marketing? A Professional Approach.

By Dana Auriemma

May 23, 2022

As fitness professionals, we’ve all heard of the F.I.T.T. principle. It consists of four variables that can each have a significant impact on the results of your studio marketing efforts and benefits your clients' experience from exercise.

  • F – Frequency. How often do you exercise?
  • I – Intensity. How much resistance or effort is required?
  • T – Type. What type of exercise are you are doing?
  • T – Time. How long are you exercising during each session?

If any one of these variables is not optimized, an individual’s results will suffer to some degree.

The same is true for studio marketing.

How do top-tier marketing professionals and companies market their products? They develop what they call “360-degree” or “surround-sound” marketing plans. This means essentially that they market in every way possible, from all sides and all directions. These companies outline a year-long calendar of plans to market their brands and products. And every month, they have multiple marketing programs going on using different vehicles and reaching people in different ways and in different places. This studio marketing approach is what’s needed to grow a brand and grow a business.

Let’s apply the F.I.T.T. principle.

  • F – Frequency. How often are you marketing your business in some way?
  • I – Intensity. How much marketing are you doing at one time?
  • T – Type. What type of marketing vehicles are you using?
  • T – Time. How long are you using a particular marketing vehicle?

If any one of these variables is not optimized, your business will not be growing to its greatest potential.

  • Frequency. Market your studio frequently and consistently. Every month. Even every week.
  • Intensity. Run several marketing programs or vehicles every month, ideally ones that get out in front of new clients who haven’t found your studio yet.
  • Type. Use a variety of different marketing vehicles to reach people in different ways and places.
  • Time. Use vehicles repeatedly or enough time to catch people’s attention.


A local fitness studio certainly does not have the budget or resources of a Fortune 500 company when it comes to marketing. But studios can still follow the same principles and practices by using low-cost marketing vehicles and programs to achieve the best possible results for their business.

Marketing is very much like exercise in that the results and benefits we experience are directly related to our practice. So think about your marketing efforts and how they compare to the F.I.T.T. principle. Optimize all of your variables, and you’ll enjoy a stronger business because of it!

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About the author:

Dana Auriemma

Dana Auriemma

Founder and Instructor

The Movement Foundation

Dana started her professional career in marketing and sales working for Fortune 500 companies but later moved out of the corporate world to pursue her passion for fitness. She opened, grew, and sold a successful Pilates studio and is now dedicated to helping other studio owners and instructors master the business skills they need to reach their full potential.

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