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April Product Release Notes

April 2024 Product Release Notes

By Mindbody Product Team

May 14, 2024

Spring is here, and so are our latest product updates. Take a look to see what changes we've made in April.

AI Assistant: Get the right answers to your questions

AI Assistant

For new Mindbody navigation users in all regions 

Easily find what you're looking for with help from our AI Assistant. We've now added a capability that links you to the relevant software feature when you prompt the assistant with a question.

Let’s say you ask, “how can I change my studio address?” AI Assistant will give you step-by-step instructions on how to set this up and link you to the “Locations and Marketplace Listings” page in the software. Want to find answers to your software questions in less time? Learn about how to use our AI Assistant on our support page. 

Enterprise: Add favorite studio locations & quickly access new contracts


For Enterprise businesses in all regions 

Pull up your favorite studios quickly when searching in your Enterprise dashboard. We added this feature for staff with multiple studios to “favorite” up to five locations. This way, your preferred studios will appear at the top of your search results, replacing the most recently visited ones.

In addition, we also made back-end improvements to the contract upload process. With recent optimizations, contracts now appear on your corporate dashboard within 10 minutes of syncing from the database. This makes it more efficient to track client details, so you can access the most up-to-date info in 98% less time. Learn more about the enterprise dashboard and enterprise contracts on our support page.

Branded app: Provide clients with a streamlined experience

Branded App

For businesses using a branded app in all regions 

Clients can book on the go easier than before through your business’s branded app*. We upgraded your app’s layout to reduce the number of clicks and simplify the booking process.

Branded app updates include optimized date selection to help see class availability, enhanced location selection, and more accessible filter placement so users can select multiple filters when searching for a class. This update will reduce the number of clients dropping off and help you get more bookings.

*Please make sure your Apple Developer account is up to date to take advantage of the latest branded app updates.

The latest bug fixes

  • BUG-11989: [Copied over to BUG 1209008] [10DLC] Configure your business information comes up each time a client logs in saying that the Employer Identification Number is wrong 
  • BUG-14315: [10DLC] Finalizing status banner appears in MB Core when registration is completed 
  • BUG-5139: [MINDBODY/MB App] Clients prompted to call the business (pricing unavailable) when trying to book same day appointment for Australian business 
  • BUG-13822: [MessengerAI][Booker][SA] Card Submissions Not Reflected 
  • BUG-11989: [10DLC] Investigate - Issue with Employer Identification Number (copy of 1191983) 
  • BUG-13243: [Mobile App] iOS app crashing after login credentials entered. 
  • BUG-11041: [P1] CC info submitted via SMS is not getting synced into the client's profile. 
  • BUG-13921: [Duplicate of 1179688] No Show Late Cancel Fees charge fees report not generating clients with valid no shows. 
  • BUG-13533: [MAI] Unread message notification badges appearing despite not having any new messages 
  • BUG-13353: Business App [iOS] Unable to access an appointment error - "There was a problem retrieving the Appointment. Some data may not be accurate." 
  • BUG-3069: Appointment tab error message displays for a specific date 
  • BUG-11599: [Core] [Report] Client with No Show (Confirmed) appointment not appearing in the No Show/Late Cancel Fees page/report 
  • BUG-12451: [MAI] [Facebook] Error when attempting to link integration (reset password error) 
  • BUG-13413: [MAI] [SA Pilot] Class schedule not displayed when viewing full calendar in Messenger[ai] 
  • BUG-14344: [Mobile App] MB Messenger app cannot be downloaded on newer Android devices 
  • BUG-16498: [Branded Web] - Cancellation window is not being respected through Branded web tools 
  • BUG-10549: [Core][Appointment reminder] - Client response to SMS appointment reminder to confirm next date appointment, receive "we are no longer able to confirm your appointment" message. 
  • BUG-12743: [MAI] Appointment Confirmation Text Messages Not Sending to Clients who are Opted In 
  • BUG-14135: [Messenger AI] SMS replies are not being received by the business 
  • BUG-10125: [Mobile App] [IOS] Mobile Notifications Not Sending 
  • BUG-10416: [P2] MAI Manual sync keep looping and the sync does not work 
  • BUG-14202: [10DLC] Changes made to MAI texting number not updating in MassRelay, causing in-product 'SMS registration in progress' message 
  • BUG-15086: [CORE] Oops Error "IAppointmentPayRateRepository.GetDefaultPriceForPayRate is actually reachable." when modifying or adding addon to appointment via Retail button 
  • BUG-16471: [Core] Appointment tab header section loads odd error code. 
  • BUG-11371: [Substitution Management] - Substitution Requests Not Completing 
  • BUG-11784: [Messenger] Replies from the clients are not received by the messenger platform 
  • BUG-15311: [Mindbody][Core] Appointment reminder not sent (not for retention marketing) 
  • BUG-9525: Messenger [ai] Inconsistencies in names populating when starting a new conversation 
  • BUG-11323: MAI stuck in a loop when booking in the bot when submitting credit card via SMS 
  • BUG-13076: [Business App] [Substitution Management] Unable to request substitute, getting error 
  • BUG-13249: [Appointment Retention Reminder] Successfully confirming appointment returns error that the client has exceeded the time frame 
  • BUG-14169: [Messenger AI] Text messages cannot be sent or received from messenger ai 
  • BUG-14400: [New Mindbody Experience] [Core] Messenger UNAVAILABLE Uh-oh, Looks like there's something wrong with your Messenger account. 
  • BUG-15117: [Mobile App] [IOS] App loads a blank white screen after signing in with Mindbody Login (SSO Flow) 
  • BUG-4334: [Branded Web] "The following items had a problem during checkout" error message shows when client tries to add themselves to the Waitlist 
  • BUG-8871: Auto Emails Stuck as "Preparing" when site is set to English (UAE) Localization 
  • BUG-11134: [P1] Bot says time is no longer available despite it being avail in consumer mode 
  • BUG-11368: [P4] Unable to Save Confirmation Text setting When Manager Permissions Assigned 
  • BUG-12116: [MAI] Mobile App Showing Messages from Other Locations 
  • BUG-14159: [10DLC] SMS registration in-progress banner still filtering 
  • BUG-15410: [10DLC] Core/Marketing Suite/Messenger MB/Booker Phone number active in product but not registered 
  • BUG-16245: [Data Fix] Oops Something went wrong, please try again later error trying to access the owner login 
  • BUG-13296: [MAI] Service are not populating in Messenger AI for Quinn's Gym 
  • BUG-13436: [Core] Multi capacity appointment can be booked without a Room/Resource in Business Mode despite the Appointment Type having a Room/Resource requirement. 
  • BUG-14441: Banner "Finalizing your SMS registration" still displays when SMS is complete 
  • BUG-14742: [MAI] Live Chat Missing Messages Between Client and Business 
  • BUG-15046: [MS] [Campaigns] Marketing suite - High number of campaign email bouncing 
  • BUG-15142: [Video on demand] 'Please check your email and password' error when logging in on Video on Demand as a staff member 
  • BUG-16097: [MAI] Manager login cannot update custom response 
  • BUG-16273: [Mb Core] Staff Member Availability Hidden Under Time Column in Appointment Schedule Tab 
  • BUG-16327: [MB][Core] Lookup Clients - Search All Clients setting does not show inactive clients in the search bar.

Want to know more about what other updates are in the works? Head to our What's Next blog to learn more about product releases on the horizon.

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