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4 Ways to Improve Your Website

By Alena Courtney

May 23, 2022

Today's customers expect the businesses they buy from to not only have a high-quality product but also an intuitive and appealing website experience. Today, it's easier than ever to build a modern, beautiful, responsive website without any coding required. You can create meaningful interaction with everyone who visits your site, from first-time shoppers to your most loyal fans.

Here are a few ways that fitness professionals can find the most value for themselves and their customers with a highly-functional website:

  1. Pick a Website Editor That Does Your Work for You

    Years ago, building a dynamic website required hiring a designer and developer and spending far too much time and money. For wellness industry professionals that have more than just text information on a site, this investment was even higher. Luckily, you don't need coding skills to build a robust website that allows customers to book classes online.

    A drag and drop editor is key to making the creation of a new website painless and straightforward. A drag and drop editor ensures that your website theme is responsive, which means your web pages will automatically resize themselves on any mobile device.

  2. Keep Your Visitors on Your Page

    It's one thing to set up a functioning website, but creating something that impresses your visitors and keeps them engaged is a whole different challenge. For businesses like yours, every website visitor is a potential customer, which means you need to make a memorable first impression and keep your visitor on your page. Mindbody branded web tools help your visitors to seamlessly sign up and pay for classes or appointments directly on your website. It's challenging enough to get visitors to your site, and the window to generate leads and capture their information is incredibly small.

  3. Include Dynamic Elements

    When you choose a website provider, be sure to look for one that includes elements tailored to wellness and fitness businesses, like high-quality video backgrounds and custom headers that give your website a sense of energy and dynamism. Plus, if you build your website in real-time within your browser, your site updates immediately and there is also no need to install other applications or programs to help create your site.

  4. Don’t Forget Your Retail

    Whether you're online on the job or offline on vacation, your website should be a suite of easy-to-use management tools that make it easy to accept and process orders from anywhere. This includes the convenience of a fully integrated shopping cart, a secure checkout experience, inventory tracking (e.g., tell your visitors “only two left!"), product search and filtering, and the flexibility to sell physical products or digitally downloadable items sent directly to a client's email address. Whether you're a fitness studio or an organic bath bomb seller, eCommerce tools can support and amplify your sales performance and increase visitors to your website.

About the author:

Alena Courtney

Guest Blogger


Alena Courtney is a Growth Marketing Manager at Weebly, a platform for websites, e-commerce, and marketing used by businesses around the world.

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