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3 Ways Your Website Can Make or Break Your Brand

By Weebly

Every day, potential customers drive by your storefront or hear about your business from friends. Yet their first interaction with your business most likely starts online, from the comfort of their couch, before ever stepping foot through your door. Therefore, it’s imperative that your brand is consistent across every possible touchpoint for a new customer. These points tell a collective story about what your company stands for, how your business is different and why people should get off the couch and come into your studio.

  1. Make Your Brand Clear Online

    Your website typically represents your customers’ first engagement with your brand. Make sure your homepage provides a clear message and relevant imagery about what you stand for, what services you offer and a clear call to action to sign up, learn more or get a discount. An effective homepage doesn’t overwhelm with too much information and makes it easy to navigate the menu, find your location and book online.

  2. Don’t Ignore the About Page

    While your homepage is your potential customers’ first impression of your business, your About page is just as important, because it tells your brand story. Use this page to give visitors a more in-depth look at why you started your business, what makes you passionate about it and how your services are unique. People like supporting small businesses that have a compelling story, so don’t miss this opportunity to share your personal journey to entrepreneurship. When creating your own About page, be sure to include a picture of yourself and other staff and instructors so that new customers will see a familiar face when they walk in the door.

  3. Keep it Consistent

    Running a business includes a slew of different branding touchpoints for customers: the logo on your door and decor inside the building, your online presence, email campaigns, social media posts, business cards—the list goes on. Your brand colors, aesthetic, message, and overall feel should be consistent across all of these touchpoints, all the way to the moment customers book with your business. With Weebly and Mindbody's branded web tools, which allow you to place and brand your schedule directly on your website, studios can now consistently present themselves across web, mobile, schedule, booking and online store.

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