The Data Game: How to Build a Relationship with Drop-in Visitors

Two women working out together in a gym

In today’s market, it’s more likely than not that you have at least one person in each of your classes who paid a drop-in or dynamic price or booked through a third-party aggregator. While this attracts more customers to your business, the benefit to your studio comes in the form of effective marketing and the potential to attract new clients.

But how do you move from a match on an app to an exclusive relationship? We won’t say it’s easy, but it only takes three steps.

Get the first data

When customers come to your studio through booking platforms, take the opportunity to introduce yourself to them, and begin building a relationship, just like you would with one of your studio’s members.

Try a welcome email exclusively for these customers, and consider sending a post-class survey customized to solicit feedback directly. You’ll then see who is most interested in your studio--which is a strong signal that they’re ready to continue building a relationship with you.

Ask to see each other more

After you’ve found the right person, it’s time to make your move and to see them again. Pull a report, segmenting out anyone who came from a booking platform or app. You can then use that list to launch a campaign to increase how many times they visit, and how much they spend. Try promotions that align with the behavior your reports give, as well show them the value of continuing to attend your studio. Try offering them a mini-membership of just a few classes a month or offer them a discount if they come three or more times a month.

Make it exclusive

After you’ve been going strong for a couple of months, you’ll have everything you need to take it to the next level and get them to invest in your studio as a full member. To do this, try approaching them in-person before or after class, and offer them a special intro special. They’ll be flattered at the individual attention, and you’ll have an additional touchpoint with your potential customer.

Want more out of your data?

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