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Mindbody Customer Story

Exos: Elevating Performance Through Science and Innovation

exos mindbody customer story

Exos, a pioneer in physical training and holistic wellness, has consistently innovated over the past 28 years. Founded by Mark Verstegen, Exos began as a training facility for elite athletes but has evolved into a science-driven performance company serving individuals, corporate clients, and professional athletes. We got to explore Exos' journey and vision through an interview with Operations Manager Ben Sorcic and Vice President of Communications, Sports Marketing, and Social Impact Danielle Lajoie.  

Ben plays a vital role overseeing client setups, coordinating business development efforts, and managing the Exos partnership with Mindbody. Danielle spearheads internal and external communications, manages the Coach for Good program, and handles athlete relationships. 

The evolution of Exos

Formerly known as Athletes' Performance, Exos was created by Mark with a vision to train the best athletes of the time. As demand for their services grew, Exos expanded its operations and opened more training studios. Eventually, the company decided to make their expertise accessible to everyone, with an emphasis on businesses through corporate wellness programs. Exos eventually became a comprehensive performance company, focused on physical training as well as holistic aspects such as nutrition, movement, sleep, and more. Exos embodies the philosophy of athletes preparing for the Olympics, considering every aspect of performance optimization. 

As a company that provides wellness experiences to other organizations, Exos curates programs that align with the culture of their clients. However, regardless of how individuals access Exos' services—whether through corporate programming, professional athletic training, or adult programs at Exos-owned facilities—they can expect a science-backed approach. “We are a science performance company. Exos is always looking into new innovations and is focused on helping our athletes perform in the moments that matter to them. For some that may be healing from a shoulder injury and getting back to carrying their kids, and others it may be competing in the NFL,” said Danielle. 

A strategic, growth-fueling partnership with Mindbody

Exos partnered with Mindbody to streamline their operations and consolidate the number of software tools the company used. The decision to choose Mindbody was driven by its comprehensive platform, which met all of Exos' requirements in one place. “Exos had been using several solutions across our book of business and it was a lot to manage. We wanted to consolidate and partner with someone who could meet our needs as well as grow and adapt with Exos. It really came down to Mindbody having everything we wanted in a platform, and it was all in one place,” said Ben. 

Exos continues to utilize Mindbody's platform due to its adaptability and alignment with their evolving needs. The partnership has supported Exos' growth, especially during the transition from an in-house platform to Mindbody. During this transition, Exos transferred over 60 client sites to Mindbody, working with their Mindbody strategic account manager and technical account manager to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for their team and customers. Additionally, the alignment with Mindbody enabled Exos to pivot digitally, using custom software configuration and API integrations during the pandemic, serving their clients' needs effectively in the changing landscape. 

Science-backed training to software-backed growth

Mindbody has played a pivotal role in Exos' growth journey. By leveraging Mindbody's technology, Exos has been able to provide customized solutions to their corporate wellness clients, enhancing their offerings and driving engagement. Mindbody's reliability and commitment to innovation have been instrumental in supporting Exos' expansion efforts and catering to the diverse needs of their clients. 

For Ben, the alignment of his team with Mindbody’s has been the constant throughout these changes and growth. “Mindbody has worked with us to build some very specific features as we’ve faced unique challenges in our business model. I’m sure another vendor wouldn’t have provided those same outcomes, and we’ve always been met with eager support from our contacts at Mindbody when presenting them with challenges and opportunities. I like having such a familiar relationship with our account manager and the leadership at Mindbody to make sure we are always on the same page and the partnership is aligned.” 

The future of redefining human limits

Exos has undergone a remarkable transformation from a training facility for elite athletes to a science-driven performance company serving a diverse range of clients and businesses. With their commitment to innovation, their partnership with Mindbody, and focus on creating a strong community and culture, Exos continues to empower individuals, maximize performance, and redefine the limits of human potential.  

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