MINDBODY Connect™ is built to thrill the clients you already have — and more importantly, to attract the clients who haven’t discovered you yet.

As a MINDBODY software client, your business will automatically appear on MINDBODY Connect. And with over 1 million people already accessing the app on their phones, that’s a lot of new exposure. Become a MINDBODY software subscriber to be listed.

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  • They find you quickly.

    Where you are

    When someone in your neighborhood wants to see what’s available, your business will appear.

    What you offer

    Your schedule will be automatically updated in real time, so it’s always accurate.

    Who's teaching

    Classes prominently display your trainers and instructors, as well as their bios.

They book you in seconds

Pay in advance, or at the front desk

Clients can pay via credit card (limited to what you accept), or wait until they arrive to pay.

Linked back to you

MINDBODY will update your roster and send you an alert as soon as a client signs up.

Saved for next time

Clients can mark you as a favorite business and track their own visit history, too.

They sign in sooner.

MINDBODY Connect creates a seamless arrival experience, allowing your clients to sign in automatically. As they get close to your business, the app will ask if they'd like to sign in. On your side, the roster will instantly update to show you who's arriving.

They rave about you.

After class, MINDBODY Connect will ask your clients how it went. They can rate the experience they just had, building your reputation in the community.

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