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Train, trend, and transform with fitness tracking software

Every day, you push your clients—through that last hard-won rep, to suck in one more breath, into another new challenge to crush. If you want to inspire them to be their best in every workout, keep them engaged, and help them track their progress toward every goal, FitMetrix is your new training assistant.

Heart rate software brings your classes to life, one heartbeat at a time

For your clients, working out is a quest for a better version of themselves. FitMetrix gives them the metrics they need, every step of the way, to reach their long-term goals. All that indoor cycling, rowing, and treadmilling needs a destination, right?

With live leaderboards branded to your gym, your clients can finally, literally see how they’re improving and where they can push it a little further. They can view their heart rate, calories burned, and effort points to see how they stack up against the person next to them.

Class heart rate readout on studio monitor.

Don’t ask us to explain how, but FitMetrix talks to most heart rate monitor brands, from Garmin and Polar to Mio and MOTOACTV. Crazy, right?

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Real clients, real results.

"FitMetrix held the key to making our #1 client request: Online treadmill sign–up!"


Serious indoor cycling, gamified leaderboards

There might not be a finish line, but for your clients group cycling is a race all the same. With sprints, team challenges, and leaderboards tracking RPMs, power data, and points, they can push their performance against other members and keep tabs on their personal stats.

Indoor cycling team challenge leaderboard displayed on studio monitor.

FitMetrix speaks all the languages of your cycling equipment, including Schwinn, Freemotion, and Star Trac.

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Group fitness:

Get your members sweating, not your front desk

Save the pain for the workouts and use FitMetrix studio performance tracking software to sign in your members quickly and get them going. Substitute instructors with a couple clicks, send trended performance emails to your clients, and let them leave love notes (OK, trainer feedback) for instructors.

Oh, and everyone’s someone special, so treat your members like the VIPs they are with the ability to reserve preferred spots in class and book their favorite bike, rowing machine, or treadmill.

Tablet and laptop displaying software screens for group fitness.

Keep your members connected with a branded mobile app

Get a custom gym app that incorporates your branding and gives your clients a direct line into your gym. They can book classes, reserve resources, get event and promo notifications, and redeem rewards.

Plus, you can integrate your website with FitMetrix and allow clients to track how they compete against the girl next to them or the guy across the room—or even better, against their personal best.

Smartphone displaying app screen.

Personal training software builds client relationships

The only way your members can continue to top their personal records is to know exactly what they are, week in and week out. The FitMetrix trainer portal helps trainers keep their clients on track toward their goals and coming back for more.

Trainers get a dashboard view of client performance, plus the ability to view and schedule sessions, perform fitness tests, and send trended results to their students.

Tablet with screen displaying client performance stats.

Customize your classes with the visual workout builder

Everyone’s been in that spot in class—behind that dude the size of a heavy bag, or hidden in a sea of bobbing heads—where they can’t see the instructor. And every instructor wishes they could spend less time demonstrating the exercises and more time encouraging their clients. With FitMetrix workout builder software, you can create, schedule, and (most importantly) display custom workouts.

Fitmetrix step one workout

Using drag-and-drop tools, you can select from our library of 150+ exercises to build step-by-step workouts.

Fitmetrix step two workout

You can add exercise stations and workout timers, filter exercises by category, and specify workout intervals.

Fitmetrix step three workout

Which means your members can follow along from anywhere in class, and your trainers can focus on firing up the class.

See how FitMetrix can transform your gym

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Why FitMetrix is right for your business

  • Why should my gym get FitMetrix?
    FitMetrix helps you give your clients a complete fitness experience. Your members will love that at your gym, they'll always know where they are in their fitness journey and when they can go that extra yard. Most importantly, they'll feel the gratification of surpassing their fitness goals, which encourages them to come back and set new ones. Plus, they can personalize their workout by reserving specific equipment (bikes, rowing machines, treadmills), and book classes directly from your app or website.
  • Do I need to buy all new hardware or equipment? Can my members just use their wearables?
    FitMetrix was built with your clients—and the all the different heart rate trackers they use—in mind. The software works with mainstream tracker brands, including Garmin, Polar, and others. FitMetrix is also compatible with leading bike brands like Schwinn, CycleOps, and RealRyder, so you can stick with the equipment you’re using now. Don’t have equipment yet? No problem—we’ll help you get set up.
  • Will my clients have access to the data FitMetrix collects?
    Absolutely. They’ll receive an email with their performance stats directly after class. And your trainers can track their progress and keep them accountable for their next session.