Save time during every interaction with clients.

Store each client’s important information in one simple profile, for easy access throughout your day.
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  • “Clients love that they can log in to their accounts and see their balance, reserve a spot, reschedule, and see everything they’ve done with us.”

    Joey2045 of Houston, TX

  • “I’ve spent years inputting client information in several different systems, but that’s a thing of the past now. Enter the information once and it’s automatically everywhere I need it to be.”

    DBMT of Springfield, MO

  • “My customers love it because they know when their class packages will run out, it sends them appointment reminders and text messages and allows them to rebook and reorder online.”

    JessicaE of Hampton, VA

Every client gets a profile.

Contact and payment information, schedules and visits remaining. Grab your phone and renew passes or email receipts. Wherever you are, pull up a client’s profile and make sure they’re happy.

You always know where you left off.

Just search for any client’s name to instantly retrieve the phone number or email address listed on the account. Track each client’s progress and access it right from the schedule—and if you need to follow up about something, just add a notification for yourself or another staff member.

  • Put family members together.

    Connect client profiles when two or more clients might pay together or schedule together, like parent and child, husband and wife, brother and sister, etc.

  • Apply gift cards directly to a client’s account.

    When clients have a gift card or other credit, just apply it to the account, and the credit will automatically be deducted the next time they pay for something.

  • See more about each client’s status.

    Icons alert you about a client’s first visit, a positive or negative account balance, a client’s birthday, and more. Just hover over any icon for details.

  • Create custom key tags.

    For even speedier check-in, consider custom key tags. Just scan the barcode to register the client.

Client check-ins couldn’t be faster.

Free up your front desk using our check-in tools. Mark a client’s arrival with just one click using MINDBODY Express, or let them check themselves in with Class Check-in by MINDBODY. More on Class Check-in by MINDBODY

Transactions are simple.

MINDBODY knows each client’s membership status, has the client’s credit card on file, and tracks every purchase, so you’ll always know what to charge—at the front desk, or anywhere else.

Reminders and notifications go out automatically.

When a client’s due to come in soon or has a card on file that’s about to expire, MINDBODY will remind them. And when their birthday comes around, you can send a message with a special offer.

You can even add signed waivers.

If a client needs to sign something, you can store it digitally in their account documents. More on MINDBODY Express

The same benefits apply to your clients, too.

Clients can log in to their accounts to add billing information, view their own payment history and past visits, redeem rewards points or gift cards, and much more.

List everything on your own app.

With branded apps, you can get a tailored app for clients to download. Clients can book, pay, check out any deals or special offers you’re running, update their profiles and more—so they’re more likely to come back again and again.

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