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US Cryo: Revolutionizing Recovery and Wellness with Mindbody Partnership

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Elevating the US Cryotherapy customer experience to new heights

In the pursuit of optimal health and well-being, US Cryotherapy has emerged as a leading brand in the cryotherapy industry. Established in 2011, US Cryotherapy has pioneered the introduction of whole-body cryotherapy (WBC) to North America, revolutionizing the way people recover and rejuvenate their bodies. With an unwavering commitment to safety, effectiveness, and exceptional customer care, US Cryotherapy has organically grown to become one of the industry's elite brands. Kevin Kramer, CEO of US Cryotherapy, shared a bit of background on the origins of the brand and why they selected Mindbody as a partner. 

A pioneer in the whole-body cryotherapy industry

US Cryotherapy was founded by Linze Kramer and his sons, Rob, Kevin, and Todd. After experiencing the benefits of WBC at a treatment center in Europe, they recognized the immense potential it held for the North American market. In 2011, they opened the first retail treatment center in Roseville, CA and embarked on a mission to introduce WBC to a broader audience. Over the years, US Cryotherapy expanded its reach through corporate-owned locations and the introduction of a franchising division in 2016. By 2019, they had scaled to 25 treatment centers nationwide, establishing themselves as one of the industry's most respected brands. 

A safe and welcoming customer experience

Kevin and the team at US Cryotherapy pride themselves on providing a safe and effective recovery experience, “US Cryotherapy is recognized in the industry and by its customers as the safest, most effective model in the industry with the best value proposition for the customer to improve overall health and well-being, and stimulate energy, mood and skin improvements.” Customers can expect a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere designed to optimize their well-being. From the moment they step into a US Cryotherapy center, customers are greeted with knowledgeable and friendly staff who prioritize their care. The aim is to make customers feel empowered and inspired to recover faster and feel better naturally.  

After each session, customers leave feeling happier, more energized, and with tangible results, such as reduced pain and inflammation.  

Growth and expansion require a strategic technology partner

Recognizing the need to address evolving market dynamics and enhance their customer care, US Cryotherapy sought a partnership with Mindbody, the leading all-in-one wellness business management platform. By joining forces with Mindbody, US Cryotherapy aims to streamline their operations and provide an even more comprehensive customer experience. Kramer explained, “We are excited about the Mindbody Marketing Suite and the ability to automate many of our customer touch points. The extensive reporting in Mindbody will also be great to take a deeper dive into the center’s data.” 

The budding partnership offers an integrated platform to manage customer acquisition, messaging, and service, all in one place while enabling US Cryotherapy to expand their industry-leading customer care. 

Excitement for the future

Kramer expressed enthusiasm for the opportunities presented by the partnership with Mindbody. By utilizing Mindbody's Marketing Suite, US Cryotherapy can automate customer touchpoints and gain deeper insights through extensive reporting. This empowers them to scale marketing activities efficiently, ensuring a consistent and personalized experience across all locations. Furthermore, the introduction of Messenger[ai] enhances customer interaction and relationship-building through quick and convenient text messaging. 

Seamless transition and onboarding

The transition and onboarding process with Mindbody has been smooth and efficient for US Cryotherapy. Mindbody's dedicated team integrated their existing processes into the software, ensuring an easy shift to the new platform. The team's organization and support have played a crucial role in facilitating the onboarding process, instilling confidence in US Cryotherapy's decision to partner with Mindbody. 

US Cryotherapy's partnership with Mindbody holds great promise for the future. The all-in-one system offered by Mindbody empowers US Cryotherapy to take their business to the next level. They’re excited to fully leverage Mindbody's capabilities. By embracing innovative technology and enhancing the customer experience, US Cryotherapy is poised to reach new heights. 

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