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Mindbody Research Report

2019 Beauty in America

Photo of a woman in front of a purple background with charts

Research Report

2019 Beauty in America

EDITOR'S NOTE: Check out our most recent beauty and grooming trends here.

A 2019 Mindbody Wellness Index Report

As part of our research to produce The Mindbody Wellness Index: Understanding the State of the Wellness Industry in America report, we surveyed nearly 17,000 consumers to learn the latest trends in health and wellness. With these insights, we set out to create a report specific to the beauty industry and provide research on industry trends and consumer attitudes and behaviors. Consumers shared which beauty and grooming services they engaged in during the past year and which services they want to try next. These are the services we can expect to trend and see growth in this year.

This report includes beauty trends that may even surprise you. Did you know that it's not just women who are interested in trying permanent makeup and eyebrow tinting? It turns out, permanent makeup and eyebrow tinting are among the top services men want to try next! Skincare, too, is something men and women alike are wanting to ramp up in 2019 with facials. Beauty trends may be more gender-neutral than previously assumed.

Download this report to get access to all the latest trends and consumer insights in the beauty industry, including:

  • How American consumers prioritize self-care or personal care through beauty and grooming services
  • The top beauty and grooming services men and women engaged in last year
  • Which beauty and grooming services are poised for growth in the industry in 2019
  • The trend towards skincare and how facials are the number one beauty service American consumers are looking to try next
  • The trends that appeal to different age groups and genders
  • A profile of the typical beauty and grooming consumer and how much they spend on beauty and grooming services
  • The correlation between consumers who engage frequently in beauty and grooming services and healthy habits across multiple dimensions of wellness
  • The growth of “express” services and how beauty brands and businesses in the beauty industry can capitalize on 2019’s upcoming beauty industry trends to help Americans with their skincare, hair care, makeup routines, and general well-being!

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Photo of a woman in front of a purple background with charts

Research Report

2019 Beauty in America
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