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PAINT Nail Bar's Success Story With Mindbody’s Partnership

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In the competitive world of nail salons, PAINT Nail Bar stands out for not only its exceptional services, but for its unique approach to client engagement and business growth. We had the opportunity to sit down with Mark Schlossberg, the visionary founder and CEO, and Ashley Koshinski, the Director of Franchise Operations, to delve into the journey of PAINT Nail Bar and its successful partnership with Mindbody.  

A Visionary Beginning and Growth Beyond Expectations

PAINT Nail Bar's story started with a bold idea by Mark Schlossberg. Drawing from his extensive business background, Mark recognized a gap in the nail salon industry – a lack of dynamic business development, staff training, and integrated, differentiated marketing strategies. This realization led to the creation of PAINT Nail Bar, an innovative concept that blends nail services with unparalleled client engagement, relational psychology, proprietary retail deliverables, and community involvement. 

Mark's vision met reality when PAINT Nail Bar achieved remarkable success, exceeding expectations by generating over a million dollars in revenue within its first full year. This momentum continued to grow as PAINT Nail Bar not only weathered the challenges of the pandemic but thrived, bucking industry trends and becoming a testament to its unique approach. 

The Essence of PAINT Nail Bar: People and Experience

What sets PAINT Nail Bar apart is its commitment to building relationships and fostering an engaging experience for both clients and staff, though developmental staff empowerment strategies always take precedent. It's not just about nails; it's about creating an environment where clients feel at home, valued, and understood. Mark explained that the nail salon business is not an easy one, and many businesses (in other brands) face bankruptcies, “I think the reason we’ve avoided those challenges and continue to grow, is that we draw a distinction between our trade - nails, and our business – relational psychology, hospitality, and staff development.” 

This client engagement approach extends beyond individual interactions to group events and collaborations with local businesses, fostering a sense of community and connectivity. Ashley explained, “We are the only nail salon concept out there that has an annual national Summit, we do regular presentations at local schools, we really are a business and we’re not limiting our impact to nails.” 

Empowering Growth through Mindbody Partnership

The partnership with Mindbody has been pivotal in PAINT Nail Bar's journey and the relationship with their strategic account manager has truly elevated the partnership. The Mindbody team’s support, receptiveness, problem-solving skills, and commitment to the brand's growth have been invaluable. Ashley noted, “We have a call every week with our strategic account manager and our technical account manager, and they really listen to what, as a franchisor, and as a growing national brand, we would like to change, improve on or do differently, and we always feel heard in those conversations. The Mindbody team has been sensational.”

This partnership has empowered PAINT Nail Bar's growth, providing the brand with a robust foundation for expansion and success. As Mark Schlossberg often tells prospective franchisees, PAINT Nail Bar's assets extend to its partnership with Mindbody, which adds depth and value to the business. “We talk with new franchisees a lot about Mindbody, and that the platform is intuitive and easy to use and adaptable, and that the team we work with at Mindbody have spoiled us in terms of service and support.” 

Embracing Efficiency and Innovation with Messenger[ai]

PAINT Nail Bar's quest for efficiency and growth led them to discover Messenger[ai], a tool provided by Mindbody. Ashley highlighted the moment that Messenger[ai] first came across their radar, “At our national Summit two years ago, we had all our Directors at that event, and they were participating in the Summit from 9 to 5 for two days in a row. In that time, they had missed a combined 140 calls they then had to go back and return every one of those voicemails because we didn’t have something like Messenger[ai].”  

After running a trial and eventually adding the AI powered tool to their platform, Messenger[ai] has proven to be a game-changer for PAINT Nail Bar. Ashley’s favorite benefit of the new feature is that it allows them to focus on being the client engagement brand they strive to be. “We don't want to be stuck behind the phone when clients are in our locations. We want to be able to go out and visit with our clients, engage with them, talk to them. So, it's been a huge time saver, and I'm getting nothing but great responses from our team.” 

Maintaining Brand Consistency

In addition to Messenger[ai], Ashley highlighted the multifaceted use of Mindbody’s Marketing suite, as essential to efficient franchise marketing operations at PAINT. “Our social media team manages our newsletters. We also do boosted ads for those rare days with openings, new locations, or if a location has added a new technician to the team who has openings. And we do drip campaigns for our loyalty program. All of that is done in the marketing suite.” These tactics have combined to help drive traffic to PAINT Nail Bar’s locations, while maintaining brand consistency for Ashley and her teams at the corporate level. 

Ashley was optimistic about the opportunity to work with their strategic account manager further, to continue utilizing Mindbody’s features to make growth easy and repeatable. “All of those things have been helpful, but I know we keep improving too. We’re always looking to get better, and our strategic account manager and technical account manager work through that with us and we appreciate it so much because ultimately, it allows us to grow.” 

A Bright Future Ahead

Looking forward, PAINT Nail Bar aims to continue its growth trajectory. With nearly 40 locations open and another 15 in the works, and a strong foundation built on engaging experiences, the brand is poised to expand further. Through the Mindbody partnership, PAINT Nail Bar seeks to leverage technology, automation, and strategic insights to enhance the client experience and franchise operations. 

As the founder of the company, Mark explained, “When I first developed this concept, I thought it would be nice if we had two or three locations total, I never thought it would grow to this level. So, the goal now is to ramp it up and Mindbody is key to that scaling of infrastructure to enable more growth.”  

PAINT Nail Bar's journey is a testament to the power of innovative thinking, client engagement, and strategic partnerships. With a strong vision and the support of partners like Mindbody, PAINT Nail Bar is set to continue making waves in the nail salon industry while leaving a lasting impact on its clients and communities. 

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