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Finding a Strategic Partner in Mindbody: Outlaw FitCamp

Outlawfit camp

When Outlaw FitCamp first hit the scene, founder Jesse James Leyva was on a mission to redefine your run-of-the-mill gym. What he came up with was a style of fitness that hadn’t yet been seen in the industry. 

Head to your local Outlaw FitCamp and you’re going to see a more intimate space — maybe 3,000 square feet or so. It’s not packed with tons of machines that are mostly going unused. Instead, you’ll find “jail cells” — sectioned-off areas for each athlete to train with their own equipment for that workout, offering an incredibly personalized (and COVID-friendly) experience. 

It’s all about quality. Your class might only be 30 minutes, but you can expect your coach to take you through seven or eight training modality styles. Your workout is going to be a mix of anaerobic and aerobic, functional interval training including strength and cardio. Class sizes are kept small — 10-16 people depending on the location — so that everyone gets the individual attention that they need. 

The goal isn’t to get as many customers in as possible. It’s to give the best experience possible. 

Outlaw FitCamp doesn’t want to limit its athletes, which is why you can receive both group and private training. Leyva has a deep understanding of the journey that his clients go on. “People come in with low expectations but evolve when they see what they’re capable of.” 

Leyva was after a unique business model, too. If you want to own a franchise, you don’t need a ton of money to do so, relative to other gyms. The overhead is lower, meaning the margins are greater. Just before the pandemic hit, Outlaw FitCamp had four locations. That number is already up to seven, and they’re planning for even faster growth. 

Finding a Strategic Partner in Mindbody

Word has spread quickly about Outlaw FitCamp, and with its growth has come to the need for a strategic partner who will not just keep up with them, but stay one step ahead. And that’s what Mindbody has done. 

“We have seven locations. But I can imagine when we have 20, 30, 40, I’m going to be leaning on [Mindbody] a whole lot more,” shares Tiffany Leyva, CEO of Outlaw FitCamp Franchise. 

With selling more franchises being one of their key initiatives this year, the team at Outlaw FitCamp relies heavily on Mindbody to do much of the grunt work. Things they used to track manually in a spreadsheet are all now contained within our portal — much of it streamlined and automated. 

“We don’t have to manually do all the work, and we can focus on what we do best.” 

For instance, they use Mindbody to keep their scheduling on track, ensuring that their clients know what classes they have to choose from, and their trainers know what kind of traffic to expect. 

They’ve also found the website integration to be helpful, as Mindbody can seamlessly work with the platform they had already built up. What this ultimately means is that the benefits of Mindbody flow through not just the Outlaw FitCamp team but their customers, as well. “Mindbody helps us provide tools that help our clients.” 

At the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about? If your software doesn’t do something to help your clients, what’s the point? 

Support You Can Count on — With a Serious ROI

Mindbody is about so much more than the technology and the AI — something that Outlaw experienced almost immediately. “I love having strategic partners I can talk to every week. Before… I felt really lost,” says Tiffany. 

That’s part of our credo. Mindbody exists to make it easier for your business to be successful. This means we’re here for you — whether you need help integrating your account with one of our partners, or you’re trying to digest the latest report you downloaded. 

The beauty for Outlaw FitCamp was that they got so much more than they signed up for — in a good way. Yes, they got to do away with the endless spreadsheets and store all of their valuable data and information within Mindbody, but it’s gone far beyond that. They’ve gained incredible insight into their target market, discovered a new way to manage and grow the franchise, and have ultimately created an even better experience for their customers. 

While partnering with Mindbody has offered them a number of benefits, the biggest return, by far, has been time. “Leaning on you for time has been our #1 thing. Time is money, but time is more valuable,” says Tiffany, spoken like a true entrepreneur. 

Outlaw FitCamp has been a part of the Mindbody family for quite some time. We’re grateful to be a part of their journey, and we can’t wait to see where the future takes them. 

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