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Mindbody Customer Story

Evolution's Laser Focus: A Partnership that Drives Confidence

Evolution and Mindbody

When Evolution Laser Clinic first opened its doors about 18 years ago in Australia, it committed to one rule of thumb: You can’t put a price on confidence. That became Evolution’s credo—instill confidence in everyone who walks through their doors, from staff to clients. Employees receive rigorous training, they foster a culture of positivity, and clients always leave feeling better than when they entered. 

It's this dedication to their clients’ wellbeing that fuels Evolution’s range of services, including laser hair removal, cosmetic injectables, skin treatments, and fat reduction. Evolution set the bar high, then challenged the staff to not just meet it, but exceed it.  

As one of the first laser clinics in New South Wales, growth was always on their mind—but quality reigns supreme. Not just anyone can decide they want to open a location. Potential franchisees must already work with Evolution, ensuring that each location upholds the brand’s spotless reputation by delivering the same impeccable service. With 21 locations across NSW, four in Sweden, and more on the horizon, it’s safe to say that Evolution lasers in on the right track.  

Evolution’s Partnership with Mindbody

When choosing a software solution, it was clear that your typical client-vendor relationship wasn’t going to cut it. Evolution needed software that could adjust and pivot to meet their needs. Six years in, the relationship continues to get stronger. “The customer service is unbelievable, we cannot fault it,” says CEO Ben Stewart.

Like many (if not most) businesses around the world, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdowns put a strain on Evolution, forcing them to adapt. And adapt they did. Prior to lockdown, Evolution wasn’t offering any products online. Considering their brick-and-mortar locations couldn’t see clients face-to-face, moving online was mandatory for their survival. It needed to happen fast—a challenge that Mindbody was eager to take on. “I think it was within a matter of 10 days we had our online store, which was amazing,” Ben explains. This meant that they could retain their valuable clients while waiting to once again open their doors, successfully weathering the storm. 

Another big challenge for Evolution? Manning the phones. Ben describes them as a very fast-moving business. People aren’t coming in for a 90-minute massage, but a five-minute treatment (or two or three). This makes for a hectic environment, the clinic running nonstop and clients in and out all day. A lot of phone calls were going unanswered. Mindbody’s AI receptionist, Messenger[ai], has been the perfect fit for them, pivotal in capturing appointments that come through the phone: “Mindbody's Messenger[ai] has just proved to us how many calls are missed. Now, we're able to capture those clients straight up and to see the bookings that are coming through is just amazing. Mindbody data stated that over 80% of missed calls will not call back. Capturing these calls through Messenger[ai] ensures we don’t lose potential business." 

Messenger[ai] doesn’t just save Evolution time and money—it has earning power. It’s far more cost-effective than hiring front desk help. Ben shares, “The subscription charge of Messenger[ai] for the month is far cheaper than wages cost for a receptionist. That portion alone speaks for itself, before you even look at the dollars that are coming through from the actual treatments." What kind of revenue does Messenger[ai] generate for Evolution? One location alone is pulling in an extra $5,400 (AUD) a month.

Once the full rollout of Messenger[ai] is complete, the focus can shift to implementing Marketing Suite. Evolution is particularly looking forward to a robust CRM and the ability to automate many of their emails. It goes beyond reaching clients who would otherwise have been lost, Evolution also uses Mindbody to increase the average client value. For instance, are there clients who show up for injectables but not skincare? Marketing Suite can target just those clients for a promotion.  

Digging into Mindbody’s reporting has helped immensely in tracking their retention, too. "We use Mindbody for our retention tracking. It forms part of our monthly reporting, and the monthly KPIs of the clinics as well. Mindbody is able to break that down by sector."

By pulling their client information from Mindbody and analyzing who is paying for what, they can pinpoint specific areas to improve upon. In this case, it’s an opportunity to introduce those clients to all of Evolution’s other offerings. Says Stewart, “It's not just, ‘Here's your platform, use it, set and forget.’ It's always additional plugins, these additional elements that can benefit our business and benefit our clients. And I guess the responsiveness of Mindbody and their support team is a real benefit.” 

The relationship between Evolution Laser Clinic and Mindbody has proven that with the right partnership, enterprise brands can manage and grow their business while maintaining the quality they’ve become known for. They can save time and money while also maximizing their revenue. And most importantly, they can better serve their customers, meet their needs, and solve their problems.

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