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Your Data is at Your Fingertips with Business Snapshot

Now all Mindbody customers can view vital performance data for their businesses from the Business Snapshot dashboard right from the Mindbody business app.

The Business Snapshot screen lets you quickly access vital data, including revenue, bookings, and top-selling services. The system analyzes these numbers nightly, which means you’ll be able to get today’s data when you log in tomorrow morning.

To view the Business Snapshot dashboard from the business app on Android devices, tap the menu icon in the upper left, and then select Business Snapshot.  For business app users on iOS devices, tap Reports from the Toolbar and tap Business Snapshot.

On the Business Snapshot dashboard, you’ll see tiles displaying various data about your business. For more information on how the data is calculated, tap on a tile.

The tiles that display depend on what you have set up in your software including whether you use classes and/or appointments, whether you use autopays, or whether you allow booking and buying in the Mindbody app).

Viewing other days

When you view the Business Snapshot, it will display yesterday’s numbers. (The system analyzes and uploads your data nightly, which means you will get today’s data when you log in tomorrow morning.) To view your snapshot data for other days, just tap the day in the gray bar in the top, and then select the date you want to jump to.

Customizing your dashboard from the Snapshot Settings

There are a couple of settings that you can use to customize your Business Snapshot. To adjust these, tap the Settings icon at the upper right.   

Selecting an accounting basis

You can set your Business Snapshot to calculate your total sales using accrual accounting or cash accounting, which has to do with the way your business records transactions. To learn more about the difference between these two accounting methods, tap the information icon to the right of “Accounting basis” on your Snapshot Settings screen, or learn more here.

Monitoring your business performance as month-to-date or rolling 30 days

You can set your Business Snapshot to pull data from the first day of the month or from the last 30 days. “Month-to-Date” means that data is pulled from the first day of the month until the selected day, and “Rolling 30 Days” means that data is pulled from the previous 30 days.

Viewing the numbers for all of your locations in one place

If you have more than one location, use the drop-down at the top to select all locations or a particular location. Choose “Online Store” if you want to see total sales for transactions associated with your online store

Control who has access to your Business Snapshot

To view the Business Snapshot, you need to have the “Mindbody Analytics Report” staff permission. By default, your staff does not have access to the Business Snapshot.

Additionally, New Clients, Mindbody App, and New Client Sales tiles will only display if you accept payment through the Mindbody app, and are listed within the US with USD currency.

Watch for additional communications from us as we roll out additional business performance data to the Business Snapshot dashboard.

Your staff can use the Mindbody business app, too.

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