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Branded Web Updates

Say Hello to Your Redesigned Schedule

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

Mindbody's branded web tools enable your customers to book and pay directly through your desktop or mobile, allowing them to manage their entire account right from your website. Branded web tools even integrate with Google Analytics, and the Schedule tool can be embedded on your Facebook page.

Because these tools are customizable, they match your website’s aesthetic and branding. Recently, we rolled out some exciting updates to the branded web tools to ensure that they are as beautiful and streamlined as the rest of your website.

Your Brand, Now Optimized for Mobile

While branded web has always been mobile-friendly, the newest layout will scale much more fluidly with the wide variety of screen sizes available in today’s market, which is critical because mobile traffic is ever-growing. In fact, 51.3% of web pages were loaded from mobile devices last year. These updates make sure your website looks great, no matter what device your clients are visiting from.

Make Your Schedule More Streamlined

We’ve reduced the clutter—branded web is cleaner and simpler. All the filters that took up valuable real estate on your page have been stowed under the Filter menu, and instead of having separate links for class and instructor information, they’re now neatly tucked away under the “View Details” button.

We’ve also cleaned up the navigation for weeks and provided an easy-to-use calendar right up top.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Use

One of the biggest improvements came to our design editor. Now, you won’t need to go through the process of making a change, hitting save, and refreshing your webpage. Instead, you’ll see the effects of your adjustments in real time, and if you don’t like a change, it doesn’t appear on your website until you click save.

Plus, we moved Settings to an easy-to-find navigation in the top left corner of the screen and streamlined the launch process. After you’ve created your widget, you’ll be prompted to install it. Doing so only requires copying and pasting a snippet of text. No coding knowledge required!

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