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QUIZ: Find the Introductory Offer That Will Bring in New Clients for Your Business

By Trainerize

January 26, 2024

Growing your business takes a lot of planning and hard work. You know there’s a market of potential clients out there ready for you to tap into, but how do you get those potential clients to notice you? Better yet, how do you get them to lay down their wallet and make the jump from lead to paying customer?

With a well-thought-out strategy that includes introductory offers, converting new customers doesn’t have to be such a challenge. An introductory offer is any kind of promotion given to new clients the first time they purchase your services and is often used to “seal the deal” by helping clients get over any fears of commitment and/or making them feel like they’re getting good value for their money.

While there are hundreds of different intro offers out there, some of the most popular include first-time-purchase discounts, free initial consultations and bonus perks. Of course, the offer you use is up to you and will depend on a number of factors, like the size and age of your business and the size of your brand following.

Take the quiz below to find out which introductory offer might be a good fit for your business!

1. Which best describes your business size?

    a. Small

    b. Medium

    c. Large

2. How long has your business been established?

    a. Less than 1 year

    b. 1-2 years

    c. More than 2 years

3. How many client testimonials, success stories or case studies do you have?

    a. None yet, but I know it's only a matter of time.

    b. A few really great ones, with more on the way.

    c. Tons! My customers are more than happy to share their love.

4. What type of services do you offer?

    a. Mostly appointments

    b. Appointments and classes

    c. Mostly classes

5. Do you know your business niche?

    a. Niche? What's that?

    b. Yep! And I'm slowly carving myself out as a leader in that area.

    c. Absolutely, and I've leveraged it to become a leader in that area.

6. Which best describes your business?

    a. Single location

    b. Multi-location

    c. Cross regional/Franchised

7. How would you describe your social media presence?

    a. I'm just getting started and only have a few followers for my accounts.

    b. I have a solid base of followers that is slowly growing every day, but there's definitely room for growth.

    c. I have a significant social media following on my various channels and am working my way toward influencer status.

8. Do you require a consultation or onboarding?

    a. Yes, always.

    b. Sometimes. It depends on the service.

    c. Nope.

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