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MINDBODY Retail Screen Updates

Never Leave Your Appointment Screen Again

By Mindbody

February 20, 2024

The front desk checkout experience is one of the most important interactions you have with your clients every day. You want to focus on your clients and make sure they have a smooth checkout at your studio, and they want to pay for their service and move on with their day.

Over the last year, we looked very closely at how you check customers out and then developed a new point of sale from the ground up. This new experience will be releasing soon—here’s what you can expect.

New, frictionless point of sale

Did you notice a new checkout workflow in the Mindbody business app? We released an improved experience and will be introducing a desktop workflow that matches the mobile app’s ease of use.

But the experiences don’t just match—they'll talk to each other, too. If you start a cart on mobile or iPad, you can pick up the same cart on desktop and vice versa, making it easier for you to check out wherever you are.

Never leave the appointment screen again

Salons, spas and wellness businesses practically live on the appointment schedule screen.
And leaving this screen is difficult because you know you’re just going to have to return to it quickly to book and schedule again. With the new experience, you don’t have to leave this screen to check out…ever.

Soon, you'll be able to check out your client, book them into their future service and manage your appointment schedule—all on the same page. Once it's live, just click “Check Out” from a client’s appointment and a new window will appear with the new cart ready to go. You can even have multiple carts open for different clients, ready to go once their service is complete.

And since you’re still on the appointment screen during checkout, prebooking their next appointment is just a click away.

It’s easy to use, easy to learn

With this true cart experience, it will be even easier to navigate and see what’s in the cart. You can change prices, add a discount, change the service type and add a service—right in the cart.

The new design is intuitive and familiar, especially since it’s the same experience across the desktop and the iPad applications. This means you can train staff once and cover both mobile and desktop (two birds, one stone).

Selling products has never been easier

Another thing you’ll notice is how easy it is to add products in the cart. The new “Favorites” tab displays your favorite products and has big, easy-to-click tiles with pictures, so you can quickly add products to a client’s purchase.

Reconcile unpaid services, right from the cart

We’re also adding the ability to view and reconcile a client’s unpaid services. Any unpaid services from the past 30 days will appear in a blue banner at the top of the cart, so you can quickly select a pricing option to pay for it. Also, if your client has a shared pricing option, both clients can use the sessions to pay for their service.

In addition to paying for the service that was just completed, clients will have the ability to purchase a pricing option, package, and contract for their next visit, too.

A better experience for your customers

Your customers will have more options to pay for their services: they'll be able to split payments between multiple credit cards, or between cards and cash, gift cards, etc.

Additionally, your clients will have a better tipping experience than before. Soon, you can print a tip slip so your client can write in their tip amount, and even leave individual tips for multiple service providers. They'll also have the option of emailing receipts—cutting down on printing—and requesting a gift receipt.

Stay tuned for the release of the new checkout experience!

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