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Meet Mindbody: Giving Women in Wellness a Seat at Every Table

By Will Price

April 29, 2022

This Women’s History Month, we’re taking time to celebrate the vital role that women play in the wellness industry—from our team members to the women-owned businesses we proudly support. I had the pleasure to speak with members from Mindbody’s first-ever Employee Resource Group (ERG), Mindbody Women Collective.  

In this installment of Meet Mindbody, I sit down with Mindbody Talent Development Specialist Lisa Goeke and ClassPass Partner Development Consultant Margo Magnant to learn about the strides the Women Collective are taking to ensure women continuously have a seat at the table. 

Will Price: What’s your role at Mindbody? What originally brought you here?  

Lisa Goeke: I’m a talent development specialist. My role oversees some of our global development programs, including mentorship, wellness events, performance management, and leadership development programs.  

I was drawn to Mindbody based on the core values—specifically wellness. I saw and heard about the holistic view and approach, which aligned with my personal value of seeing a person as a whole and not segmented parts.  

Margo Magnant: I’m a partner development consultant for the business-to-business side of Classpass. 

The company culture drew me to Mindbody. I worked in non-profits before this, and it was a very antiquated environment resistant to change. 

WP: What compelled you to join an employee resource group? 

LG: I had initially joined Mindbody Women Collective as a participant back in 2019 when I joined the company. I had never heard of or participated in an ERG before. I wanted to understand what they do. After we reorganized due to the pandemic, I saw an opportunity to participate in a more significant way and to be a part of making meaningful changes for the women and allies of women at Mindbody.  

MM: I love that at ClassPass and Mindbody, we’re encouraged to bring our whole selves to work. With the pandemic, the lines between home and work-life have blurred in an unprecedented way. I love that with our ERG, we’re working towards enhancing the work environment for working parents and caregivers. 

WP: Mindbody Women Collective has been an evolution at Mindbody. Walk us through how this ERG came about. 

LG: Initially, Mindbody Women Collective started out as WIT (Women in Technology). It was the first ERG at Mindbody and focused on supporting women in technical roles at the company. The group realized we needed to expand our scope of support and advocacy to women in non-technical roles as well as inviting allies to participate. As a result of our evolution over the years, we’ve rebranded ourselves to Mindbody Women Collective to promote the inclusivity and action this group continues to evolve into.  

MM: I’m new to the group but look forward to being a part of it and leading the Mindbody Parents division of the Women Collective. 

WP: What does the Mindbody Women Collective bring to Mindbody? 

LG: Mindbody Women Collective is not only a supportive group, but we also advocate for the needs of the women and allies. Our focus is on how we can move the needle for women working at a company in the tech industry. Whether that is the advancement of women into leadership roles, or looking to change how women are viewed, we look to create a space that is inclusive regardless of gender.  

MM: A shared space for education, advancement, and collective wellbeing. 

WP: What does the Mindbody Women Collective bring to the world of wellness? 

LG: Since Mindbody supports women-owned businesses, it’s important for us to provide the perspective of women regarding our product and services. To do this, women need a seat at the table during the ideation and decision-making stages. We do this through consistent meetings with our product team and our marketing team to ensure the voices of women are heard and represented.  

MM: An opportunity to celebrate, highlight, and support those working in this industry. 

WP: What does being a part of the Mindbody Women Collective mean to you? 

LG: The greatest meaning for my participation in Mindbody Women Collective is I’m part of a community—a community of women and allies who care very deeply about creating a safe space for women and our allies to grow and flourish at Mindbody. The fact that I can help co-lead this group and drive the support and change we want to see is truly a gift. I’m in service to our members, and it’s my responsibility to do what I can to help make the changes we want to see. 

MM: An opportunity to feel valued for my contributions to the company beyond just my sales numbers or daily performance. A place where my whole self is valued and appreciated for what it contributes to our company as a whole. 

WP: With the theme for Women's History Month 2022 focusing on "Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope," where have you seen women show up/be leaders/bring change to the world of wellness? 

LG: The first person that comes to mind is Dr. Brene Brown and the critical research she and her team have done regarding shame, guilt, and other difficult emotions that most people do not want to face or understand. Her work has normalized the intense emotions we experience. My interpretation of her messages has been, "yes, this thing I'm experiencing is really hard, it's messy, I don't know how to navigate. I also know I will get through it, and when I do, I will be so much stronger on the other side." I've heard too often from women they feel guilty for taking time away from their families or themselves due to their career or vice versa.  

MM: I think any working mom who goes through the incredible physical and emotional changes bringing them into parenthood, then navigates the transition back to work, is a hero. The things they do behind the scenes to keep everything running, even when it all feels like chaos, are truly remarkable and deserve to be highlighted and talked about. Recently, I read a quote from writer Nora Roberts that sums it up perfectly: "The key to juggling is to know that some of the balls you have in the air are made of plastic and some are made of glass." 

WP: In your opinion, does the wellness industry do enough to promote inclusivity? 

LG: The wellness industry has been making strides. The most impactful work I've seen has been done at the grassroots level within communities. Local groups and organizations are forming to promote wellness and create inclusive environments for underrepresented groups. The more the wellness industry can do to highlight these efforts, the greater chance we have to continue to break down stereotypes and stigmas and create safe spaces for all people to feel good about taking care of their wellbeing.  

MM: So proud that Mindbody is leading the way! 

WP: What does wellness mean to you? 

LG: Wellness is the entire person. How well you feel as a person is not compartmentalized to one facet of who you are. Your thoughts, emotions, physical health, spirituality, relationships, your ability to contribute back to society, and your sense of safety are all interconnected. Wellness is finding the right balance for you to maintain all those components in the way that best serves you.  

MM: I think it means feeling gratitude and appreciation for where you are at that day. Some days you might be up for a HIIT class and other days it may mean a bath and a meditation. I love that our products make it easier for all of us as users to connect to these opportunities, while at the same time, support our business partners' success. 

WP: In the coming months and years, what are some of the major Mindbody Women Collective initiatives and goals that will help shape the future of wellness? 

LG: Our focus in the next few months is to really understand how we can best support and advocate for more women to be in leadership positions. To continue to have a voice at the table regarding how we can improve our products and services for our customers.  

MM: Personally, I'm excited for the growth of the parents' subgroup and how we can connect, support, and celebrate all the caregivers in our industry whose workload extends far beyond the eight to five. 

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