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mindbody core values inclusion is a competitive challenge

Leadership Challenge Accepted

By Rachel Cloud

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is never passive at Mindbody + ClassPass. Through diversity by design, we strengthen our teams, products, and communities, creating a strong competitive advantage through inclusion and openness.

Here’s Sr. Technical Writer Rachel Cloud’s story.

While I’ve been on my own journey of self-discovery, I personally made it a point to teach my own daughters to follow their dreams, be open, be brave, use their voice, educate themselves, educate others, commit, and never give up.

I preached everything I regretted not doing for myself in my “early” years.

I was extremely impressed and inspired after I recently attended a Career Expo at UC Riverside. Most of the students I met are in their last year or working towards an MBA. They had the most amazing portfolios filled with certifications and volunteer work accomplished all while finishing school. Although these students had some of the most impressive resumes I’ve ever seen, they are very realistic about the challenges of finding a job and know how important it is to make connections and get their “foot through the door” at any company. Like many of us, they’re just as scared about the future, looking for resources and mentorship on the next steps, a chance to start or advance their career, or simply looking for a place to grow. It’s a blessing to know that I am at a company that can provide such growth and I’m living proof.   

The students at the Expo were intrigued and chuckled when I told them I grew up at Mindbody.

The most common concerns brought up by the students were around how to get started and how to best represent themselves as a contender or leader. They were surprised, almost taken back, about the kind of support we get at Mindbody, a “corporate” company. I can see stars sparkling in their attentive eyes while I talked about our values, the kinds of resources the company provides to employees, and especially, our Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) where we support each other, just like the social groups they have on campus. Rather than having a slew of students moving on to the next career table, as if speed dating, they stayed, and groups formed around us because they wanted to hear more. I was surprised that not only did they want to hear about Mindbody, but they were most interested to hear about my own experience at the company. They wanted to know how I started, how I feel about Mindbody, and what is most rewarding.

I learned that I had a lot to learn, and I was able to do that at Mindbody.

In my junior year of high school, my family had help moving from Los Angeles to San Luis Obispo County by my father’s boss who started his own landscaping company. I graduated, attended community college, and worked to help my family. I struggled with feelings of incompetency due to a low education and a learning disability. At the time, learning disabilities was something you did not want to bring to attention, and even now can be hard for me to discuss. Today, I’m still working on “my own voice” which was a new concept growing up in a Latin family where having a more quiet and submissive nature was a sign of respect. We did not speak out to our elders or to those of any kind of authority. Some of my insecurities stemmed from my own parent’s upbringing with the belief that “the best way to fit in is to not bring attention to oneself.” We had a fear that speaking Spanish made us too different, so the generation of kids in my family grew up with English only. We “Americanized” many of the traditions that are proudly celebrated by our culture. It took a few generations, but my family has slowly brought some of our lost traditions back.

I’ve come a long way and I’ve learned a lot about how my own biases have had an impact on my thoughts and decisions. And, what I thought were personal roadblocks are really strengths and experiences that make me unique.

I’ve been asked so many times how I stayed so long at Mindbody.

Before Mindbody, I worked for over six years at two large companies that started the same way Mindbody did and grew just as fast. Without completely dating myself, this was a different time where the competitive workforce was valued, and a cheaper workforce was necessary. Both companies were great and full of amazing people, but in time what started as a well-oiled machine became many moving parts that did not connect and aligned core values were non-existent. Also, without the kind of communication we’re accustomed to today, it was a scary time where trust was an issue. I was compliant to being a number, keeping my head down to keep my job.

On my first day at Mindbody, I was hooked from the start. The culture was like stepping through a gated community with a different mindset of people and ideas that I’d never heard before. This concept of core values and collaboration was mind blowing! And, I’ll admit now, a little scary. I’ve watched our company change and grow, but the vision and support remain the same. Mindbody is like any other company facing an up and down road while traveling up hill. Although tough decisions must be made, we continue to work together. I have never worked at a company that tries its best for employees as much as they do for their customers. I’m thankful to work in a culture like this one. We strive for perfection, and it is all I can ask. A company’s growth is a lot like human beings. They must do what’s best for them just as I must do what’s best for me.

It took me some time to learn that I am a leader, a leader of my own journey.

Unlike any other company I have worked for, I can get involved in things I am most passionate about, take care of myself, enjoy the work I do, and get paid for it all! The most rewarding part of my job is getting involved and helping others by participating in company events or programs, like working with Marketing at BOLD, being a mentor or mentee, doing a workout challenge, representing Mindbody or ERGs with our Recruiter’s Team, and more. Getting involved is what helps me feel connected to the company and connect with people.

Just this last year, I got a chance to represent Mindbody at Pride, Juneteenth, and the Expo at UC Riverside. I am also proud to be the Marketing and Social Lead for our LatinX ERG. Outside of work, I am the new President of the Central Coast Exchange Club, a non-profit that has raised funds to support local groups in the South County with a strong focus on strengthening our community and child abuse prevention. I have never been a president of anything in my life until now!

Mindbody has been a big part of my professional and personal journey. After 12 years, some of the most important things I have learned is that we are all leaders, all unique, and valuable. Staying open minded, accepting change, and doing what makes me happy is the key to my longevity.   

I was personally told by a student at Riverside they loved hearing my stories, and one said they are “ready to be a leader of their own journey.” For me, inspiring the next set of brilliant minds is what it is all about!

What’s next for me? I am practicing what I preach by accepting a new challenge, putting myself out there writing this article and continuing my journey as a proud leader, still learning, and growing.

Thank you to the beautiful soul at Mindbody who wanted to hear my story.

To learn more about our core value around why Inclusion is a Competitive Advantage, check out this video

About the author:

Rachel Cloud

Rachel Cloud

Sr. Technical Writer


Rachel Cloud is an experienced knowledge base technical and content writer. Coming from a long-time customer service background, she is passionate about writing for all audiences and has a strong focus on helping people to digest and learn to use products in our technological world. Outside of her technical self, you can find her living and loving life with her husband, two daughters, and one dog, singing Karaoke, dancing her heart out in a Zumba class, and keeping herself busy with volunteer work and heading a non-profit group. She currently serves as a senior technical writer for Mindbody.

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