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Maximize Your Reporting and Empower Your Staff with Insights

By Mindbody

November 17, 2023

Success begins with knowing your numbers. With Mindbody Insights, step away from the spreadsheets and into the now. Insights pulls your most important data and gives access to real-time views of your KPIs and benchmarks like sales and productivity. Staying up to date with Insights helps optimize and maximize your reporting.

There may be more to Insights than you realized. So how do you decide which metrics matter?

Admin Panel

This is the starting point for personalizing your Insights experience. Make sure your business info is current, set up staff credentials, and select which metrics are visible. You can choose from customer, staff, location, product, treatment, or class-based options—whatever your business may need.

With nearly 80 KPIs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find what works for your business. Here are two of our favorites:  

  • Looking for ways to increase your revenue? Work on raising your Average Service Ticket through add-ons and the right selling strategies. Even the slightest uptick in your average ticket can help increase your bottom line.
  • Is your staff taking the time to educate clients about your products? Track the Product Sales per Guest (also called SGP) and get your upsell on.


Easily set targets for the most important business metrics—for just one location or many. Give your staff the opportunity to improve their numbers with these solutions:

  • Have multiple locations with differing numbers of staff? Set your targets by location so that each can hit their mark.
  • Finding it difficult to manage small and large locations in one place? Make sure your larger locations have a higher flat dollar amount so you can easily compare them in the Metrics tab.


 Get an inside look at this year’s data compared to previous years to gauge performance and reach new goals. See data at the location, district, and employee level with this useful feature. 

Check out these tips to use your leaderboard to its highest potential:

  • Want to outperform last year’s numbers? Set a percentage for year-over-year performance tracking.
  • How about easily checking spring metrics against fall performance? You can set a fixed number to compare against, then smash your goals.


With multiple dashboards, your insights are endless. Share business analytics through easy-to-read charts and tables to help align your team to act together.

Dashboards should easily show exactly what you’re looking for from your numbers. Easily personalize your view of your business growth:

  • Not sure where to manage what you see on your dashboard? Switch to design mode to personalize your view and highlight your most important data.
  • Want a quick overview of your published metrics in one place? View your dashboard in live mode where you can review, edit, and share your most valuable metrics.

We’ve talked about how to set your business targets, what’s next? Now it’s time to take it to the next level and really empower your staff. When you give your team access to real-time insights about the ins and outs of your business, it gives them the motivation they need to thrive—and stay with you long term.

Insights can help engage your team with meaningful recognition when they’re excelling and extra feedback and support when they need a helping hand.


Encourage staff by creating goals, with rewards for meeting them. Whether upselling products or meeting sales benchmarks, customize for each of your employees so they work for you and your team.

  • Want to make sure your goals aren’t too easy (or too hard)? Pay attention to the time period. Selling $100 monthly wouldn’t be effective—it's too easy to achieve. Set daily, it might be too difficult, discouraging your staff.
  • Curious about next steps after your staff meets their goals? Text or email your employees directly from the app to congratulate them on hitting their targets.


When your staff goes above and beyond, give them the kudos they deserve to keep them motivated. Recognizing their positive contribution to your business is vital. It’s easy to maintain a positive culture and reward the right employees when it’s all tracked in the Insights app.

Check out how recognition helps your team stay motivated:

  • Did you know that recognition is the number one priority for employees in the new normal? Most staff—82%—wish they received more recognition. Honing in on this with Insights will help meet one of the most important needs of your team and have a huge effect on the success of your business.


Contests are a great way to boost morale and foster connections with your employees across every location. For many people, a little friendly competition goes a long way.

Personalize contests to what works for you:

  • Staff isn’t selling as much as you’d like? Run a ticket raffle contest to encourage employees to earn tickets from every sale they make.
  • Does your staff want to see how they stack up? Hold a ranked competition contest and reward your top performers.

Insights is more than just a tool to track goals, metrics, and targets—it’s a resource that involves your whole staff in the success of your business. Give your team what they need to work faster, smarter, and with enthusiasm.

Want a first-hand look at how Insights further benefits your business?

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