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How to Make Your Gym Eco-Friendly

By Mindbody

July 31, 2023

When it comes to running a fitness or wellness business, the focus is typically on encouraging clients to live a healthy lifestyle. But in the midst of this journey, how often is the health of our planet considered, too?

Off the Grid Fitness is a boutique gym that offers group exercise, personal training and 24-hour access for members to work out on their own—and it doesn’t stop there. Combining his passion for both fitness and the environment, Eric Guilleminault founded Off the Grid in 2012 as Arizona’s first green gym.

Cardio machines that turn user output into electricity and bamboo floors instead of hardwood are just the beginning of Off the Grid’s environmentally-friendly initiatives. When it comes to the environment, Eric believes “it’s important to play your part in everything you do to have a positive impact both on people and the nature around you.” But it’s never at the expense of his customers’ experience.

He sees the customer experience as his business’s main priority, and wouldn’t sacrifice that for anything. Despite having top-the-line commercial equipment and letting independent trainers rent the space, Eric strives to create an environment in his own gym that is just as good as a non-eco-friendly facility—while still maintaining the small neighborhood feel for his customers.

Not sure where to start in making your business more eco-friendly? Eric recommends attending a meeting at your local Green Chamber of Commerce. This is a great opportunity for you to meet different people who are experts in the field and can help get you started.

Although going green is the latest trend, the investment may not be worth it unless you are actually passionate about the environment. Eric encourages other businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint to “do it because it’s the right thing to do, not as a marketing tactic.” Even though being eco-friendly is a competitive differentiator for Off the Grid Fitness, it’s not a major factor in a potential customer’s decision to sign up. That’s where the experience part comes in.

Being environmentally conscious and providing an unbeatable customer experience—now that’s an irresistible business that gets two (green) thumbs up.

Has your business gone green?

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