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3 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Fitness Studio

By Mindbody

March 6, 2024

Whether your floors are made of recycled bamboo, you use solar power to keep the lights on, or you’re just starting to make your business green--there’s a surprising amount of simple, fun, and cost-effective ways you can be intentional about the health of the environment as well as your clients. In celebration of Earth Day, try incorporating a few environmentally sustainable practices into your fitness business. Here are three tips for creating a more eco-friendly space:

Choose sustainable retail.

If you’re looking for additional revenue streams for your studio, retail is a great idea (if you don’t already have it). Adding merchandise, especially branded items, is a quick win for your business. While selecting vendors/products, make sure to research the brands and items you want to sell, then choose brands you feel good about supporting. Look for local businesses or businesses with a cause, like Manduka and Athleta, that offer sustainable items made with high-quality materials. It’s important to talk about the positive impact of the items you carry. Show your customers that you’re sourcing items that serve a higher purpose.

Pro Tip: Ask your staff what products they want to see. If they love them, they’ll have no problem naturally selling them.

Start green cleaning.

While choosing what cleaning products to use, start transitioning to pure, non-toxic items. You don’t need to be 100% DIY to use natural and safe cleaning products. Companies like Branch Basics offer simple, multipurpose, and eco-friendly options for all your cleaning needs. Many chemically-based cleaners have toxins in them that pollute the air and cause stress on both the body’s immune and hormonal systems, making it harmful to breathe in.

And, if you want to help clean the air in your gym, some plants are natural air purifiers. Invite the outdoors in by bringing plants into your studio to do the cleaning for you.

Pro Tip: Plants, like pothos and ferns, naturally purify air and help bring life into your studio while upping your aesthetic game.

Partner with your community.

Other organizations in your town are likely already doing their part to create a positive environmental impact. Look up volunteer or partnership opportunities with non-profits or businesses that excite you and your clients. Ask your members what they would like to be a part of. Maybe it’s volunteering together, hosting a documentary movie night, or donating to a worthy cause. If it’s something they value, they’ll love being a part of it with you.

Pro Tip: These group activities allow you to continue building community with your customer base—serving as a client retention strategy with an added benefit.

You don’t have to do it all—just know that small actions can lead to a big impact. You’re already a pro at caring for the health of your customers; keep the momentum going by bringing the environment along. It’s easier than you may think!

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