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strengthen the customer intake experience

Increase Customer Experience by Automating the Entire Intake Experience

First impressions are everything. When your clients walk into your spa or gym, what is their first impression?

For a busy business, you may have lots of customers, but it can sometimes come at a cost. The cost is the revenue you are losing out on when your clients have a negative experience. Examples of this could include situations like waiting around for a clipboard to free up or having a customer's scheduled appointment delayed because of the bottleneck at your front desk.

First impressions are everything.

If you are a newer business, you have the opportunity to make a great first impression. Having your staff fumble around for various intake forms, or locate ones that have previously been completed, doesn’t look very professional. Your first impression is everything, so make it professional and make it count.

Guest Intake helps improve the guest experience and ensure your business operations performs at its very best. By automating the intake experience, we are changing the way you can interact with your clients by providing a seamless visit each time, letting you focus on your clients who are in front of you and eliminating unnecessary admin work for your staff.

Think about the amount of time and money you spend on employees to handle your manual intake process. Do your appointments ever get delayed because your clients are late for their appointments? While this may only seem like an annoyance, it is negatively impacting your bottom line.

Here are some items to consider when deciding to automate your intake experience:

  1. Review your current intake process and the number of steps it takes to get your clients information into Mindbody.
  2. Understand the frequency of the forms that need to be completed and for how many services/treatments.
  3. Do you have bottlenecks at your front desk?
  4. Do your new clients arrive late to their appointments?
  5. Does your staff need to review these intake forms with clients?
  6. Review your local laws to see if you need to follow HIPAA or GDPR compliance.
  7. Review how you are currently storing your clients' paper intake forms.

Once this has been completed, you will have a better understanding of how your current workflow could be impacting your business. Now we can start to formulate a strategy on how to keep your clients and staff happy.

Providing intake forms automatically, prior to a client stepping foot into your business, is a great first step. Determining when the intake form should be completed is critical to ensure that your staff does not forget to have a client complete an intake form. It also keeps your client intake forms up-to-date.

You can automate this entire intake experience, allowing you and your staff to focus on your clients while still attending to those who are outside of the business and most importantly, your customers will have a great experience.

Ready to strengthen the customer intake experience?

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About the author:

Nadia Rehman

Guest Blogger

Nadia is a 27-year-old woman born and raised in Canada. Her love of food, wellness and the spa industry has allowed her to work with various non-for-profit organizations, tech start-ups, her own pop-up yoga studio, and most recently allowed her to compete on MasterChef Canada this past year. She has been consulting luxury spa operations over the last two years helping spa directors to revamp their entire operations by implementing solutions like Guest Intake to revolutionize the intake experience for her clients.

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