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Here’s What’s Coming Next for Booker

By Mindbody Product Team

Just like your salon or spa evolves, your software needs to adapt, too. That’s why the Booker team works hard to learn what’s important to our customers to better our software. We’ve been building new features and improving existing ones to help you run your business more efficiently.

Here’s what Booker customers can look forward to this year:

A smoother online booking experience for all

Online booking should be a breeze for all your clients. Now when you enable your setting that requires clients to provide a credit card while booking, it won’t prompt those who’ve already paid for services (through gift cards, series, or memberships) to input a card. This allows you to enforce your cancellation policy while maintaining a seamless booking experience for every client. 

Improved online credit card management

Eliminating failed payments is vital to your business. A simple way to avoid declined transactions is to give your customers the ability to update their credit card information on their own. This feature is especially useful for your clients who know their credit card is expiring soon or for those who simply prefer to have a different card on file at your business.

Client forms are even better

Client forms will have more advanced features and flexibility. Today, they allow you to collect important information either for all services or specific categories of services. We heard from you that this wasn’t specific enough and that different services in the same category may require different information. For example, if you offer prenatal massages at your spa, you most likely need to ask more questions to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your client. These enhanced client forms will help gather all the info your staff needs to prepare well before the client’s appointment.

Collect information for all guests in a group appointment

Information is power. Now, you can collect it from all guests involved in a group appointment—not just the client booking the group session. This added benefit will ensure each guest receives a reminder for their appointment and save you time by collecting necessary information from each guest before they arrive. On top of that, this influx of client contact info increases the number of people you can market to for future services and offers.

Enhanced Facebook campaign tracking

Wish you had a better way to measure the success of your Facebook campaigns? We’re rolling out Facebook Pixel Tracking this year to help you monitor conversions from Facebook ads, build targeted audiences, and remarket to people who have already taken action on your website. You can also create detailed audience types, like Lookalike Audiences, using data from the Facebook pixel to reach those who may be interested in your business because they share characteristics with your existing customers.

As you can see, there’s a lot for Booker customers to look forward to in 2022. It’s an honor to provide you with the best software so you can achieve your goals this year—stay tuned for these new features.

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