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Here's How You Can Travel While Teaching Fitness or Yoga

By Anna Colosimo

December 27, 2021

Picture yourself training clients or leading a class on a white sandy beach, poolside, or in a gazebo overlooking sparkling blue waters. We are here to let you know about a concept called a teaching vacation that can help you take a vacation safely after the pandemic.

All-inclusive resorts are historically known for their luxury accommodations, variety of activities and entertainment, and stunning pools, beaches, and landscapes.  One more thing they offer (that many may be seeking more post-pandemic) is robust safety guidelines. All-inclusive resorts in Mexico began re-opening during the pandemic in July 2020. One of the reasons why they were allowed to re-open so quickly is because their staff is highly trained, and then were re-trained in CDC safety protocols, and this allowed the governing bodies to allow them to re-open.

Additionally, all-inclusive resorts have ample outdoor space and activities that could facilitate distancing guests properly. When you visit the resorts nowadays, there is hand sanitizer all throughout, plus temperature checks as you enter the resort and within the restaurants. One of the things that changed immediately was the Buffet—they are now manned by staff who will serve the food for you while wearing gloves and a mask. They provide individually wrapped bathroom and hotel room items, and your room and the resort are cleaned and sanitized daily by staff.

The Points Guy, who is a famous travel blogger, recently wrote an article about the all-inclusive resort scene and the President of Marriott’s International Caribbean and Latin America region commented, “All-inclusives are the next hidden gem." After the pandemic, these trips will undoubtedly be in more demand than before. Many of those returning from them throughout this past year have expressed deep gratitude and said that they felt safer at resorts than they often did in their own hometowns. 

Aside from the safety aspect of the resorts, a teaching vacation program offers some great benefits to licensed and/or certified fitness and yoga pros:

Vacation with ease

Treat yourself to a tropical paradise instead of planning a trip for yourself or loved ones. We know your time as a solopreneur, fitness pro, and/or business owner is precious! When you sign up for a teaching opportunity with Fit Bodies Inc., all the groundwork, such as hotel reservations and trip detail provisions, etc. are handled for you.

Plus one (two or three)

All reservations include one adult companion. They offer adults-only or all-ages resort options, so you choose what is right for your vacation! All-ages resorts that are partnered with us allow up to two children to the age of 12 (some resorts are up to the age of 16) in your reservation.

Save thousands

You can travel for a fraction of the normal cost. With a teaching vacation, your all-inclusive luxury accommodations at five-star resorts are provided in exchange for a small admin fee and one or two classes taught each day. You will enjoy the same high-level and five-star accommodations and amenities that the full-paying resort guests do.

Teach in-person again

This one is pretty exciting. Our instructors say that this is one of their favorite post-pandemic points. The resort locations allow you to cross paths with enthusiastic and excited resort guests to take your classes and allow you to do what you love with that “live” energy again!


We have gone the distance to work with fitness accreditors to create an education program around the teaching vacation concept, and this could have you earning CECs straight from paradise.

Recharge your (fitness) batteries

Let’s be honest, this last year left just about all of us exhausted in some way. On a teaching vacation, you teach one to two activities, and the rest of your time is YOUR vacation time. Additionally, teaching outside of your normal four walls (live or virtually) could have you re-sparking your creativity. An added possible benefit—when your instructors or trainers go on a teaching vacation, they will have the chance to re-charge their energies and bring that back to your business.

Some of the places you may take a teaching vacation include Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turks & Caicos, St. Martin, and the Maldives. This could just be the perfect way to recharge after the past year.

Create your profile for free. Find info on resorts and real-time opportunities for a teaching vacation. Use discount code MINDBODY15 for 15% off your first teaching vacation booking, for travel during the months of June-November of any year.  

About the author:

Anna Colosimo headshoot

Anna Colosimo

Guest Blogger

Fit Bodies, Inc

Anna Colosimo is the director of partnerships and business development at Fit Bodies, Inc. She received her degree from the University of Dayton in Exercise Science and Fitness Management and has always had a passion for fitness, wellness, and health promotion since she was a young girl. She has 16 years of experience working in the business side of the fitness industry. She has extensive experience in fitness education, programming, working with gyms, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with many companies/organizations. Within the fitness industry, she has held various positions and worked for noted companies such as Zumba, Trigger Point Performance, and PTontheNet/FitPro UK. She loves working together with her industry partners to see a project or idea come to life!

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