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Hair Comes the Groom: Men’s Grooming Trends in 2019

Whether it’s the Queer Eye reboot or just the passing of time that we have to thank, the false notion that self-care and beauty services are just for women has been kicked. It’s 2019, and men are actively engaging with beauty and grooming services and in the market for self-care.

As part of the Mindbody Wellness Index, we took a close look at trends in the fitness, integrative health, and beauty industries. Here’s a look at what we learned about men and their relationship with beauty and grooming. (For the complete beauty and grooming report, click here.)

Did you know men prioritize self-care or beauty and grooming services as much as women do?

It turns out that men don’t care about beauty and grooming any less than women do. Forty percent of women say they prioritize this form of self-care; almost the same percentage of men (39%) say they, too, prioritize it.

Differentiation in beauty and grooming priorities by age and gender

Older generations of men are more likely to say that beauty and grooming services are a low priority in their lives.

Men spend less on beauty and grooming services than women

Men spend, on average, $29/month, or $348/year, on beauty. Women, in contrast, spend $35/month, or $420/year.

Average monthly spend on beauty and grooming services by gender

The difference in male spending is due in part to a higher number of men saying that they rarely or never get beauty and grooming services.

Freequency of beauty and grooming services by gender

Haircuts and barber services are on fire—but hair styling, manicures, pedicures, and facials are heating up

As one might expect, the top two services that men say they’ve engaged with in the past 12 months are haircuts and barber services. When looking across different generations of men, eyebrow waxing or threading appears to be something younger men are opting for.

Interesting to note:

  • 16% of men have had a blow dry or their hair styled in the past year
  • 16% have gotten a manicure/pedicure
  • 14% have had a facial
Top 10 beauty and grooming services for men

Upcoming trends: a quarter of male consumers want to try facials next

Perhaps even more important than the services men are currently engaging in are what they’re looking to try next—and what’s set to trend this year. Men of all ages are looking to take better care of their skin. Facials appear at or near the top of everyone’s list of what they want to try next. Barber services, too, have captured male consumers’ attention; older generations, in particular, are hoping to give it a try. Perhaps due to a rise in beards everywhere, this trend is here to stay.  

Top five beauty and grooming services 18-25 year-old men are interested in trying next
Top five beauty and grooming services 26-45 year-old men are interested in trying next
Top five beauty and grooming services 46-65 year-old men are interested in trying next

How can your spa, salon, or barbershop make the most of this year’s men’s grooming trends?

If you’re not already marketing your beauty services to men, you’re missing out on a major part of the market. Want men to feel welcome in your space?

Here are a few tips to encourage male clients into your beauty or grooming business:

  • Encourage your loyal female clients to bring in their male friends and family. (Note: sometimes it helps if men are given a gift card to give them further incentive to try something outside of their comfort zone. Make sure your existing clients know you sell gift cards.)

  • Offer workshops with topics that appeal to men. For example, “How to Get the Perfect Shave,” “Beard Care 101,” “Intro to Skin Care,” or similar introductory grooming classes can teach potential clients both about self-care and your business offerings.  

  • If your business doesn’t already, make sure you’re including photos of men in your advertising and social media. If a prospective client is scrolling through your Instagram and sees only women, he may think your business focuses on women and doesn’t even cater to men. Make it part of your brand!

  • Stock your retail displays with shaving kits and other men’s grooming products. It’s a clear signal that everyone is welcome at your business. Men’s shampoo and conditioner, beard oils, skincare products, cosmetics, fragrances or other toiletry products can be a cue that you expect men to come through the door.  

  • Don’t hesitate to introduce your male clients to these products. Marcy DiSalvo of M Salon knows they come in without all the answers; “These guys need to be taught what to use.” She adds, “they want to know, but they’re not going to ask.” Take the initiative and get the education process started. It’ll make for a better experience, better results, and a higher chance of a return visit.

  • When men come to your salon or spa for the first time, make it clear that they’re welcome in your space. Specifically articulating this can make a difference. That’s what Heather White of Trillfit did to welcome men to her female-dominated client base.

  • Have your staff explain, in detail, what they’re doing throughout the service or treatment. Guiding the client through the process helps to make newcomers feel more welcome—regardless of gender. Before new customers leave, let them know what to expect and how to make the most of their service. For example, proper follow-up facial care or making sure they know how to style a cut that’s new to them.

  • Offer special evenings with cocktails for new customers who come in. (You’ll want to make sure everyone is over 21 and check local laws.)

  • Add quick grooming services like neck trims to your menu, and make them free for your existing clients.

  • No-Shave November (aka Movember) is another great time to introduce your business. Promote beard trimming and beard styling services. You can also offer discounts to those who forego shaving for the month.

Want to learn more about beauty in America?

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Margo Badzioch

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