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Easily Generate Business Reports

By Nicole Spencer

May 23, 2022

With the Accelerate software package, Mindbody customers can easily generate and export nearly a hundred reports. From filters to multiple viewing options, Accelerate ups your reporting game. Let’s look at a few fan favorites.

Attendance with Revenue

Have you ever wondered which of your classes brings in the most revenue? This report is a gold mine of information about your clients’ visits and the revenue you’ve earned from them. With eight different viewing options, you can use the Attendance with Revenue report to check your most popular classes and staff members, check for no shows/late cancels, view day-to-day sales per service category, and more. This report is well-suited for figuring out each class’s return on investment. This report can also show you which classes should be scheduled more often and when.

Earned Revenue

The Earned Revenue report provides data about revenue and deferred revenue. The report does this by comparing your clients' pricing options with their visits remaining. During tax season, it can be used to generate information about how much earned revenue your business brought in within a specified time frame. You can also use this report to determine which of your services brings in the most money–try searching by the Earned Revenue Amount. It’s a good idea to run this report monthly along with the Attendance with Revenue report to assist with calculating your bottom line.

Retail Sales Performance

With the Retail Sales Performance report, you can view sales generated by each staff member during their appointments. Looking for a way incentivize your staff to make more product sales? You can use this report to create a rewards system to help your staff set and achieve sales goals. This is one of the best reports for tracking commission-based sales. While the Sales report can tell you who sold what, the Retail Sales Performance report takes it to the next level. This report will show you which of your staff is best at upselling products during their appointments, gross revenue for these sales and the staff member’s average ticket revenue.

No Return

Looking for more information about clients that haven’t returned to your business in a few months? The No Return report will show clients that haven’t returned to your business after attending a service. With a filter to exclude clients that have made future bookings, you can use this report to offer an incentive to clients who signed up for a promotion and never returned.  This versatile report can be run for a specific pricing option and by location and is essential for retention. If run regularly, this report can help you notice when a client stops coming to your business, so you catch them before they fall off the map.

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About the author:

Nicole Spencer

Knowledge Base Administrator

Nicole Spencer has been with Mindbody for over a year as a technical support agent. Before Mindbody, she was busy earning two bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Writing Practices. When she isn't helping clients and coworkers, you can find her buried in her favorite book or TV show.

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